alcantarea imperialis 'rubra'

brom_philMay 23, 2009

hey guys iam back and no that shade house isnt up yet, um about that it kinda got broken i whent to move it from were it was as dad was gona clean that area up for the shade house. Well ill start with the first problem when i first picked it up the fork tilt jamed on and bent the arches so i had to re organise it i picked it up got back to the road and it out ballanced and fell off and bent some more. dad than came with the excelvator and picked it up and it fell off it and whent every were. than i had to re organize it again and this time lucky it didnt fall off but i found even more bars bent and broken. so i now need to re shape the hole thing and do a hole lot of welding and reshaping of it.

ok now for what i wanted to get to for tafe were designing a garden and i have chosen to do alcantarea imperialis 'rubra'. but i cant find what type the flower is and wondering if you guy might no what it is as i am getting up in front of the class and want to sound realy smart. ;)

oh and while i am on you guys need to look up Kempsey's flood lucky for me i am outa town so i am not geting to much water although our lawn has died from being drenched.

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Hi Phil,
Great to see you're back again and not caught up in the worst of the floods.

Sorry about the troubles you had with the shade house, but then life wasn't meant to be easy was it? I'm sure you and your dad will eventually get it sorted out, meanwhile your bromeliads will still keep growing and get bigger and bigger.

Re Alcantarea Imperialis Rubra; I think there was a pic. of one in flower posted on this forum while you were away, so doing a search of this forum would be a good place to start.

Good luck with your talk to the class at TAFE, and all the best, Nev.

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hey splinter yea i already got a pick of alcantarea imperialis 'rubra' but what i was after was the name of that type of flower shape ie. campanulate, funnleform, crateriform, stellate, and all the other difernt shapes as i need the flower shape for tafe.

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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

You are supposed to be able to figure it out for yourself . There are plenty of diagrams supplied by the TAFE . I did that course , and found it difficult at first .

You will never learn , if you don't try and do the tasks set for you .

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Welcome back, I was worried after seeing your previous greenhouse pics that you might have cut your head off with that 9"grinder.

I don't know what the correct name for an Alcantarea Imperialis rubra flower is, if I did I would give you a hint.

I'm glad to see you are doing a course in what you like, a friend once said to me - find a job you like and you will never have to work again.

I'm sure if you work out the correct name for your flower, someone here will critique your work.

I am growing a small Alcantarea Imperialis 'Rubra' with a couple of grass pups that I could photo if it helps with your presentation.

Please let us know how it turns out.


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no luckly i havnt yet i now am busy having fun with our new 20 ton excelvator hmm which dam needs to be bigger.

thanks rick that sounds good i was thinking of taking in my alcantarea extancia it has 3 grass pups but would they look difernt to the alcantarea imperialis 'rubra' pups. Not sure how the picture would come out with my printer last time i printed a realy nice pick it came out ordanary. maybe thats just me.

aroideana the reason i am asking is that i have never seen an alcantarea in flower and of the pictures that i have found i cant get a good look of it if i had a close up of a pick i could most probly name it as i have couple sheets on flower shapes. so if any one has a close up of an alcantarea flower ill like it if you could share it with me.

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Phil........Use Google images and you will find your flowers.

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Hi Phil,
Here's a (not very good) close-up of the flower you requested, hope it may help you in your project.

All the best, Nev.

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That's the kind of thing you can use FCBS for, Phil. There are several photos to choose from, but the Ken Marks photo on the right shows the flower best.

Here is a link that might be useful: FCBS - Alcantarea imperialis

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sunshine_qld that is what have been using but all the picks i have found in there were of the plant as a whole and was hard to get an idea on the flower.

nev thanks for that pick by looking at it i am assuming that it is tubulate and the infloresance is a spike.

Lisa i am looking at FCBS right now, i usuly get lost in there. comparing it to nevs photto i have decided i will stick with tubulate. thanks guys.

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