Wish you could bring bulbs back from New Zealand!!

bluebonsai101(6a PA)November 18, 2009

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could bring back some lovely bulbs from NZ!! From what everyone says, the conditions there are perfect for growing most any plant, but they are very strict about export. I'm heading off to NZ for 4 weeks and plan to see some wonderful garden centers and botanical gardens, but I will be so green with envy by the time I leave that they may wonder what odd disease I have when I come through customs here in the US. If I see any Hippis I will try to take some pics, but the seasons may be wrong for that :o) Dan

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betonklotz(7b Baltic Sea coast)

Is it not possible to sent sem via Mail to your home adress? I guess you'd need some papers for living beeings but I don't think it should be impossible since they're not native to NZ and you'd probably have to sent them without soil and roots
... I may be wrong there!

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Recommend you google New Zealand plant export. Looks to me like it is doable.

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

I actually spent a long time looking in to this, e-mailed lots of nurseries down there and contacted some growers in NZ and found no nursery willing to deal with the paperwork needed to get a phyto and export permit so that they could be shipped on my import permit. I've imported from a lot of countries, including their neighbor, Australia, but have not been able to crack the NZ nut as of yet.......if you guys know of any nurseries down there (especially on the south island where I will be most of the time) that will legally export I'd love to know. There are some of the most amazing growers down there :o) Dan

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Hi Dan, I spent 10 days in the North Island a few years ago and it's a fabulous place - and most of the people were fantastic as well. I hope you really enjoy your trip (especially if you can get some bulbs!).

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chazparas(USDA zone 9 , San Jose, CA)

Hey there Dan,
Enjoy your trip and take your camera!!!! When I was a flight attendant I had a 10 day layover there, didn't take one photo, thinking I'd be back. OMG, NZ is one of the most beautiful places on his planet and the people are just about the friendliest I've ever met. And yep taking plant material out was next to impossible and I've done my share of "importing." I always let our customs and agriculture know I had plant material with me, I guess as a crew member they were a bit lienent with me. Getting it into the US was usually not an issue, getting it out of NZ was!
If you haven't been there before, coming home is going to be difficult. We lost a flight attendant or two there!

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Have a blast, I'm so jealous! I'd probably just get in trouble and be arrested as a smuggler when they caught me with the planst sticking out of my clothing. But one of those fake pregnant bellies would hold a lot of bulbs..
Tally HO!

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Bulbs may be a difficult export, but what about seeds? Seeds are usually allowed through the mail and customs, as long as you declare what they are. Seeds are more difficult to grow into mature specimen plants, but it might be worth the effort if plants and bulbs can't be exported. And I'm fairly certain that you wouldn't have any trouble growing them, Dan!

Have a wonderful trip, and please share it through photos! Most of us are stuck at home! :-)

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Noni Morrison

I have ordered seeds from Dowdswell Delphinium and no problem with that! Sure would love to see their place!

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I'm surprised you can't do the leg work yourself while you're down there. If you hand picked the bulbs yourself, and took them to the appropriate NZ gov't office to have the the paperwork prepared, can't you arrange to have them shipped to yourself? If they object to you shipping them to yourself, I can certainly help you out on this end with my import permit.

Either way, have a great trip! Can't wait to see the photos.

Phoenix Ryan

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I've never brought plants through US customs but I have, many times, brought live and preserved fish specimens. I had all the documentation, of course. This allows one to go through the USDA/Fish & Wildlife door and avoid all the regular customs hassle. Hand over the paper work, chat a couple of minutes, and out the door.

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