need info, please

sewnmom7May 31, 2013

Hi, I have some bromeliads, nutans or queens tears.i need to know sun ?I have really hot sun and next to no humidity..and water, how much and how often.i have them outside in the shade now...thanks ahead, molly/ sewnmom7

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Hi Molly they will take morning sun but you will have to move them out gradually. Keep water in the centres and watering the soil weekly should do.

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thanks for the info.. so should I put them in pots and keep in pots . I have them in the ground now. their under a pecan tree now and get dappled shade but the tree will leaf out and it will be total shade but bright shade.. I really want to keep these queens tears, so all the help I get is so appreciated...molly

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They will grow any where they get relief from our hot Texas sun and evenly watered. You must live in north Texas if you have no humidity.

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hotdiggitydam, I don't live in north Texas, they have more humidity than I do, I live in I keep 'em in pots or put 'em in the ground? when you say "evenly watered", do you mean , how often or how much or both. I water 2 times a week . I don't want to overwater but everything evaporates so quickly here. so help a girl out here... thanks ahead, molly

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If they are growing, your watering is ok.
It is up to you if you pot them or not. Is the clump big enough to divide?

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yes sunshine,[ha I do love that name...]they are big enough to separate.. they came to mt , and I say thank ya, in clumps of two -6 ,about 6clumps...I have divided and planted5 of them and I will share to 3 other people, wish I could share with you, you have been so helpful..i'm not sure how far apart to plant but planting about 2.5 apart. thanks for your help...molly

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Thanks for the gesture Molly but I do already have them.
If you have that many, plant a couple to get the morning sun. It will be totally different to your shade plantings.

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