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vrieseaMay 16, 2010

Hi everyone ,

Well here are the last photos i will post of the new project , the seedling house is being closed in ,have decided to use all Solar weave as we had a full roll allready not being used , the seedling trays are all in and small potted plants are being put in as well ,the whole project will be finished in a week ,just doing a few odds and sods ,we have been dividing plants ,cleaning up in general and repotting ,but it looks like building number 3 may have to be started after Xmass , we will need it i think .

seedlings on centre bench

potted seedlings moving in

Well thats it ,thanks for your interest ,

Cheers ,


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Jack what a great setup. Im turning green. From the looks of it you will need #3 with all those seedlings. Looks like some real colorful ones coming along in the last picture. Bob

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Hi Jack,

Now I can see why you had to expand and move to the new location, and like Bob says, I think you will need #3 shade house sooner rather than later.

Is that Solar Weave on the benches beneath the trays and small pots? What is the reason for it, other than that you bought a whole roll and had some left over?

Following your building progress has been a very interesting and learning experience for many of us and it's been great of you to share your thoughts on building construction with us and it's very much appreciated, as are your on-going regular tips about brom growing in general.

I look forward to your progress reports on the new champions of the future which are at present in the trays. Please see if you can persuade Tamera to post some pic's of her babies as well as I'm sure we're all keen to sneak a look at what she's been up to.

Thanks for sharing.

All the best, Nev.

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Hi Nev
Whats on the benches is a combination of Tamera's and my efforts and when things quiten down a bit i shall see if she will post some of her Billbergia's ,
The Solar weave on the benches is there for the small pots to sit a bit steadier on the wire mesh ,and we have found that the trays of seedlings dried out to quick from underneath ,so the plastic film stops that very effectively ,its all the pieces that came from our other buildings ,I recycle just about everything, I have sown 20 trays of seed allready so far so yes ,room is goin to be in demand ,the idea is that all the seed sowing and germination will take place at my home , and when about 1 - 2 centimetres tall ,they will go out there , I will move a fair bit of my plants at home out to the new place as i have stuff all over the place still ,and its not being done any justice ,must admit that in hind sight we both underestimated the project a bit , doing the frames for the buildings was the easy bit ,finishing of and then sorting out plants ,repotting etc etc ,yes well that was a different story ,but its well on the way ,Tamera has done most of that now her house is in order and i have done all the other ,we have allways worked well together, each understands what the other requires ,hope you 'll come and visit us one day Nev ,or any of you for that matter,
Cheers ,

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Looks fantastic Jack. Sounds like lotsa work done and a fair bit still to do but Im sure all the work yrself and Tamera have put in is and will be well worth it. Is definetely an inspiration to a novice like myself.

Having a few of Tamera's beautiful Bilbs. in my collection and seeing the pics of some of yr great creations I can't wait to see what comes from all those seedlings - no doubt there will be some absolute beauties amongst them!!

thanks for sharing

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