Reveiwing South African Hippeastrum

lora_in(z5 central IN)November 4, 2006

Hi there forum folk,

I think it would be nice to review and rate the SA hybrids that seem to have become so popular. Lets add up our personal experiences and see if these highly touted hybrids live up to expectations.

So far, I am quite happy. The first 4 to bloom have been true to name.All of the bulbs apperar to be clean and have a reasonable number of plump roots.

First up, Rock and Roll.

This one is great! The 24cm bulb has produced a stocky scape with 6 flowers and I can feel the tip of a second scape in the neck. The full size flowers on the shorter,thicker scape means no tipping or broken scapes. I give this one an A+ !

Second up is Honeymoon.

I'm a bit divided on this one. The 25cm bulb has almost finished it's first scape with 4 flowers and the tip of the second is just peeking out. Size,shape and perportion are fine, I'm divided on the color. The photo is lighter than the flower really is. The color is something between pink and red but not clearly either.

Next is Baby Doll.

This one makes me sing! The 21cm bulb has thrown 2 scapes with 7 flowers on the first and 8 on the second. It's like a whole boquet all by itself ! I love the shape, just like a lily. I'm not sure it's visible in the photo but there is a fine,light pink picotee edge,very delicate. I give this one an A+++.

And finally, Cupido.

This one is a doer! I have 5, 17cm bulbs potted together. 3 are showing 3 scapes each and the other 2 have 2 each.There are 5 buds on the first scape and 4 on the second, another whole boquet! The pink is clear and strong.

I still have Jade Serpent left to open in a few days.

So,step right up and show them off! Singles, doubles,minis, I want to see them all! (and grow them,too!)


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brigarif Khan

They are all very pleasing.

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

Hi Lora,

Honeymoom and Cupido are very nice. I hope you post a pic of Jade Serpent.


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lora_in(z5 central IN)

Hi Arif and MrBrownThumb,
Thank you for your kindness.
Here is Jade Serpent.

I'm pretty sure this one has H. calyptratrum in it's lineage. The 17cm bulbs are producing 2-3 scapes each with 4-6 flowers per scape.The color might be an aquired tast for some but I quite like it. In person,it has a resembalance to papilio without the maroon stripes.

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Love that 'Jade Serpent' and 'Rock and Roll' really rocks! And I really like the white and green combo of 'BabyDoll'.

Pretty, pretty, pretty!


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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

I think my fondness for green colored flowers puts me in the camp of tastes that are just right for that color.

Very nice plant thanks for posting the pic.

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Joker planted as a 26 1/2 cm bulb, opened it's first bloom 21 days after. First scape produced 5 3-31/2 inch upward facing flowers with 15-18 petals. Joker looks very much like a double Charisma with the picotee and dusting...very pretty. It also produces a lot of pollen (email me if you want some). As of today, 28 days after being planted, second scape is 3 inches tall and bulb has shrunk to 22 1/2 cm. A sure sign of too much new growth that the bulb's roots can support. I am starting to get worried...

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Nice pictures, Lora! I don't have any of those...

Maria, Joker is very pretty. Your picture shows it as being much nicer than the catalogs show.

All bulbs will shrink some after the bulb scape emerges. That bud inside the bulb was making it more plump. After it emerges, then dies, there is a natural void left.

Lack of roots can be a problem, though. When I am selecting a bulb locally, I'll pick one with healthier roots before picking the biggest bulb any day.

Perhaps, you could score the bottom and apply some rooting hormone? Just guessing... Others can help better than me, I'm sure.

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Okay. I cannot be left out the South African Amaryllis discussion.
Here is my pic of my Gold Medal. You have seen Alfresco already.

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Elizabeth...Thanks! I have an old digital camera that I use in taking pics of my flowers because it gives out the real color. I would do just the same about picking out bulbs with nice white roots if I had a choice. Unfortunately, most of my bulbs are ordered in the internet and I have to do with what is sent. So far my purchases these season are all doing good. I think I might try to use some Superthrive and hope it will root faster.
Soultan...nice pic! Could you share with us some details on bloom count and size, bulb circumference and # of scapes? I now highly consider these factors in evaluating an amaryllis...thanks!

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Gold Medal
1st scape: 4 flowers
2nd Scape: 5 flowers
Bulb circumference: app: 30 (I don't know anymore. I didn't measure it before planting.)
number of scapes: 2
Bloom size: 16 cm
Planted on 10/14/06
First flower 11/01/06
Color: Light red (official); deep brick orange with light white stripe at the throat (in my opinion)

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Maria, where did you get the Joker from? I like that one very much.


Here is a link that might be useful: My Amaryllis Pages

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Plant_guy...I got it from JS under X'mas flowering miniature. Unfortunately, they are all sold out...I'm sorry.
After 2 weeks since Joker opened it's first bloom in the first scape, the fifth and last bloom is still up and pretty. All the blooms in this scape opened up really good. Second scape has 6 blooms and first bloom is ready to open soon. Not bad for a newly planted bulb. I just wish it would root faster. All these flowers are exhausting the bulb.

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Here is my Amalfi:

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Very nice. My Amalfi is still asleep. I planted the SA double varieties first...their roots are starting to dry up. I got those SA double mix that are not individually named. It's kinda exciting guessing which is which. Can't wait for the bloom to open...hopefully in a week or two.

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I got that package from John Scheepers myself. I had Ragtime already, but the four bulbs together were cheaper than buying the three other varieties one by one. My garage refrigerator is full of bulbs right now. I labeled the bulbs that I have to plant first with a P on the box. I usually plant the ones that have the buds showing already. I had a Green Goddes here on my desk though that I didn't plant and the whole flower scape emerged and the flower is opening already. I am about to take some pictures of it, then plant it.

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