Tiny orange cutie/beauty rescued from Lowes

kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)November 30, 2010

This got lost in another thread...or no one cares!! But I do, so I'll share her with you!

Let's look again at the photo that was taken at about 5PM Sunday night:

Here it is just 26 hours later!! The one on the far right is opening up to be a very small, beautiful (even if it's upside down) orange bloom. It's not dark red/orange. It's the color of a gorgeous sunset!! The color of the sky when there are just the right amount of puffy clouds and the rays of the sun hit it just right. It's a beautiful color...and I am very glad that I could rescue this little amaryllis from the certain death that awaited it at Lowes.


The photo is slightly fuzzy, but it's more to show the color than anything else. Under the florescent lights she is particularly brilliant. And...those are my 5-month old seedlings in the back...planted in late June. The Jewel crosses and the Limona crosses are doing particularly well.

Here's what my cutie/beauty rescued punk looks like tonight! With some natural light/some artificial the color is still remarkable (to me at least). She is ORANGE! Any guesses as to "What" she is??


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There you go..! She's beautiful...

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quail(USDA 9)

Kristi, she sounds beautiful! Does she have a scent?
And it sounds like your seedlings are doing well, too. That's great! I have some six month old Nagano selfs that are coming along nicely. Had to transplant them last Sunday. Had them growing in 4" cells of an APS (advanced propagation system) tray. The roots were growing down into the wicking matterial that waters them. Probably should have transplanted them a bit sooner. Still learning when best to do it. :)
Hope your other rescued hippies do well, too. That's cool that you are able to rescue them! :)

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

No scent, but she is petite at just about 2 inches across!

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quail(USDA 9)

Aw, she does sound cute - only 2" across! That would be something to see :)

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Glad you posted this separately I didn't see your other post. I have no clue what the little orange one could be, but it sure is cute. Thank you for sharing your photos, it always brightens my mood to see new blooms.


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