I wish.... Anyone up for a round?

ajsblu_eyes(9)November 27, 2010

Ok this season I'm thinking I wish I bought.... Amputo since it is not available this year. Anyone else wish they bought something last season that is not around this season?

Tell me I'm not alone with my regrets. :)


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I tried to buy RvR 3 (THREE!!!) times last year. I got 2 Picotee and 1 Bonfire. Anyone have a RvR to trade for Bonfire??
K AJ...I might have an Amputo offset. If so, I'll send later in the season.

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I'm not sure when it was around but I wish I had bought it.... "Sante Fe" when it was available :(

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ryan820(z5b Denver, Colorado, USA)

I wish I didn't have bulbs I suspect are sick :o( It's hard keeping everyone separate for their own good.

As for bulbs-- I'm with Kristi-- really wanted RvR but no luck... I got Picotee's ugly step-sister.

I also want more money. There I said it. Judge me if you want, but if I had a bunch of money, I'd be sending this post from my greenhouse right now and instead? From my kitchen table. Psch!

Denver Ryan(who is currently feeling like a bee pollinating every flower in sight)

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quail(USDA 9)

Well, this past summer I got my husband to help me look at some Amaryllises online. Was disappointed that I couldn't order them until the fall, but contented myself by making a list of ones that I wanted to get. Unfortunately, two of the ones I wanted weren't available come this fall: Yellow Goddess and Honeymoon. I don't know if these are fragrant, but I thought the colors would be neat ones to add to my collection.
I was also going to put Misty on my Christmas list, but when I was putting my Christmas list together, it was no longer listed on the website where I had seen it, so I'm thinking that they sold out of them. (This one had been listed as slightly fragrant.)

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Kristi - so sweet of you, I'll keep my fingers crossed. I wish I had a RvR to give you in return, I'll have to see if I have something equally nice to send in return.

Josh - you're not alone in wanting Santa Fe, so many good crosses are not available any more :(

DR - you crack me up do you have a picture of this Picotee's ugly step-sister? I find myself wanting to see her.

Michelle - it is so sad when you plan your wish list then truly find out which Hippie varieties are actually available.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

OK...I wish I had been able to bring some of these back from The Netherlands (they weren't packaged/certified for US transport):

The Picotee I got instead of RvR was by far the BEST Picotee I have. I had thought it might be President Johnson (the first scape's red edge wasn't as prominent), but the second scape was lovely. Ryan got the ugly step sister...I got the pretty stepsister (you never read about her)!
K She may not be perfect in form, but her Picotee is very bold.

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Oooh, Kristi, that is the best I've seen! I love it!!!!!!!

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Noni Morrison

Kristie, I hope you can breed those traits into more of your flowers! I agree that it is the best Picotee I have ever seen! I wonder if your warm weather and abundant sunlight helps to develop the red? Hmmmm, maybe you should send me a seedling or off shoot so I can check the picotee in northern light for you?....Oh well, it was worth a try, LOL.

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Beautiful Picotee, I refrain from buying one though.. since I don't really like picotees that you have to have a magnifying glass to see! Yours is perfect! And Lizalily, if I remember correctly the picotee on your Maguires picotee was bold too.

The bulbs I really wanted and still want that don't seem to be available anymore are: Promise, Gilmar, and Philadelphia..I think I may have finally gotten a Misty, form ETG bulbs because the scapes have a small narrow bud and I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

My husband went antiquing yesterday and called from a nursery far far away and read off all the bulbs they had. He brought home a Jewel, Melusine,( which could be either RvR or Magic Green..and since I don't have any of those it doesn't really matter) and an Amoretta..wasn't that so nice of him to contribute to my addiction! The Jewel has two small bulblets attached and also 2 scapes on the way so I should know what it really is pretty soon.All bulbs seem to be much firmer and generally in better condition this year no matter where they come from...so far...


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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Donna, how nice for your husband to add to your collection like that! The Melusine I bought last year turned out to be Rebecca (ID-ed by Blanca) but a nice surprise. I agree, whatever it winds up being will be fine. Two scapes and two bulblets on a Jewel is quite a score too.


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lora_in(z5 central IN)

Hi Ajsblu eyes,
I have a -ton- of Amputo offsets potted up that may bloom this year or maybe next. Drop me an email. Lora

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Why hello Lora,

It is fantastic to see you here and incredible timing, as I was just thinking about you earlier today. Watch your mail on Wednesday or Thursday.



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lora_in(z5 central IN)

Hello Blanca !

Your amazing box got here today in fine shape, big old hugs and thank you!

Have the seedlings from last year done anything for you?

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Greetings Lora,

You are most welcome! We sure do miss you here and hope that you are happy and healthy.

No blooms yet, but all the Hoosier seedlings are thriving.

Happy Hippeastrum Holidays!

Best regards to you and yours,


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