string of hearts

emerald1951January 11, 2009

Hi all, I have a string of hearts plant that is doing fine kinda...I have it in a south window so it gets lots of light and the sun, the plant is 5 feet long, the problem is the part that is in the window has lots of leaves and flowers, and just below the window the leaves and small and far and few. I can't raise it any because then the top will be above the window. any ideas, I don't want to cut it off and I don't have any other place to hang it...thanks for any ideas linda

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Emerald,

Not a problem, you can just drape the longer, lower growth over the top of the plant &/or the pot. I do this to mine when it gets too long for its space, almost like folding it back on itself. If it helps, you can put a small stake or something like into the mix & then drape the lower lengths around it.

You CAN cut it somewhat, it will all grow back. From time to time I cut mine back a lot. Neither technique does the plant any harm at all & should not affect the blooming either.

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I do it just slightly different than Pirate Girl. Instead of draping the vine back onto the pot, I just make some simple hooks. I like the look it achieves (reminiscent of flowing water) and it isn't too hard to untangle everything to make it straight again if you want.

Here is my Ceropegia woodii. I just measured it today and it is only a few inches short of 11 feet long.

I just used some big aluminum bonsai wire I had to make the hooks.

There is a couple extra feet of vine from the folds made by the two hooks you can sort of see.

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Jo, that's one impressive C. woodii! It's one of those plants I have trouble growing for some reason...

Em, I find pruning a plant back does nothing but good things for the plant. It forces growth further up, which makes the plant look bushier. And, of course, you then have cuttings to put back in the pot for an even fuller effect.

Denise in Omaha

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puglvr1(9b central FL)


Very nice plant you have there! Great job!!

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Hi all and thanks for the ideas. Jo, wow yours is 11 feet long I didn't know that they get that long I thought I read somewhere that they only get 5 to 6 foot vines..And was happy to get mine that long. I really like this little vine, the hearts and flowers are really neat. I had one a long time ago and lost it and then I got cuttings a couple of times but never got it to grow and then one day I was at Lowes and there was one on the clearance rack for 2 bucks and its been doing very well..thanks again all..really like the pics.....linda

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