Big winner at Lowes - again...

kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)November 28, 2010

OK, I have another boring "SCORE" to report. I needed some potting soil, so I went to Lowes. Right by the register they had amaryllis in squarish ceramic pots. One had a bloom sticking out of it and 2 more had scapes coming out the cardboard. Those were selling for $9.98. I asked if they would give me a good price on them. Sure...$3/each. WHOOO HOOO...and then, the cashier (bless her) pointed me to the $5.98 boxes and said I could have those that were at least poking out a scape for $2/each. Well....9 new amaryllis came home with me.

Yes...I got another Lady Jane, but she was perfect and blooming her heart out in a box marked Susan. The "Christmas Story" was blooming and looking just like the box. There was a miniature red (box marked Donau??)...definitely a miniature. There is another that is orangy-red with that same "sheen" that we saw last year. Then there were several with scapes of various lengths. One appears to be a soft coral in color, so can't wait to see what that one does. It has the longest scape that is laying well below the bottom of the pot. I have put it under lights with hope that it will right itself.

I used the silver pots that each of the 6 less expensive bulbs came with as "sleeves" to cover slightly smaller pots. I hope I can take some of these into the office!!

Total...~$25 for 9 bulbs!! I deserve the Emmy (we should call it the "Ammi") for best performance in a big box store.



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Noni Morrison

Great haul!

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How is Your house looking now?
Do You still have space to live and walk?
My bulbs are all dormant in the basement except the japanese!
They are doing lots of new leaves and hopefully scapes.
And outside is 6 inches snow!
Best regards

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Let's look again at the photo that was taken at about 5PM last night (Sunday):

Here it is just 26 hours later!! The one on the far right is opening up to be a very small, beautiful (even if it's upside down) orange bloom. It's not dark red/orange. It's the color of a gorgeous sunset!! The color of the sky when there are just the right amount of puffy clouds and the rays of the sun hit it just right. It's a beautiful color...and I am very glad that I could rescue this little amaryllis from the certain death that awaited it at Lowes.
The photo is slightly fuzzy, but it's more to show the color than anything else. And...those are my 4-month old seedlings in the back...planted in late July. The Jewel crosses and the Limona crosses are doing particularly well.

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Hi Kristi,
Congrats on your Lowe's haul. I had a couple in my hands today, but those square $9.98 pots were not marked down. I'm still obsessed with the Hippis, but now I'm equally into orchids and I came home with a big smile on my face. I got ten orchids at 50% off, so I was very happy. I ordered 13 hippis from John Sheepers (including their two double collections) and about 3 or 4 from Royal Colors. That's it! In an effort to make room for new ones, when I repotted this fall I removed many (about 100) of the offsets and gave them away. I lost my San Remo to Narcissus fly (I believe) and was told one of the offsets was infected also. That's the first time this has happened.

Have not been visiting much the last couple years, so glad to see so many old faces still here. And I sure enjoyed looking at Arif's gorgeous doubles (my favorites).

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

OMG>>>!!!! KITTY...IT'S YOU!!!! How are you?? Have missed you so. Are you still painting? Did you paint that photo that I sent of the rock "moon" gate and estate? Send me an email to tell me what is new with you!!!

BTW-They weren't marked down Kitty...I had to ask!

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You are so fortunate I wish I had more space to try and imitate your great fortune. Unfortunately my family all think I'm a loon about these plants. :) You saved those babies from a sad end in the big box store trash!


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I'm aftaid your right AJ, those who live with us and love us, do their best to humor us, but at the end of the day I do think they think we are all loony...


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I think it's wonderful that you can talk your Lowes down in price, I couldn't get mine to budge :( I'm going to go look and see how much they are tomorrow, a few people told me they're marked down!

I know my family thinks I'm loony, they try to understand but I know they don't. You know what, I'm incredibly happy with my Hippie room and I LOVE IT!!!

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This is the first time I ever asked about getting a plant of any kind marked down!! I was in Lowe's today and remembered Kristi's story about asking and I did. The employee walked to the display and said she would mark down any that were blooming to $1.00!! Wow!! I walked out with $50.00 in Hippies for only $5.00, along with their fancy pots. Now two of them were Red Lions and one may be Apple Blossom (hasn't opened enough yet) but I also got two Aphrodites which I wanted badly. One of the bulbs doesn't look great, but I will baby it so as not to lose it.
I don't post often, lurk a lot to learn and want to thank all of you "enablers", especially Kristi for sharing her shopping adventures.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Always glad to help! I never ask for much, but when it comes to Hippis...I'm willing to try!

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