Oh Ah...pop-up greenhouse on SALE!! $139 includes free shipping

kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)November 15, 2011

Just wanted to let you know that Greenhouse Megastore has the FlowerHouse "Springhouse" on sale for just $139, which includes free shipping.

DISCLAIMER, I have no relationship with either the seller or the manufacturer, but I am a very happy customer and I will probably buy another one at this price. Sale is good through Nov 25th I think.



Here is a link that might be useful: Greenhouse megastore ad page for sale greenhouse

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Those are nice for temporary or seasonal use, Kristi... or if you live in a milder climate than I do! In my yard, it would have a very short life span due to our high winds and severe weather... we're right in the middle of what we call "Tornado Ally"! The terrain here is flat and windy for the most part!

It's a good price, though, and I'm sure a lot of growers would get good use out of a shelter like that! It would be perfect for a small back yard, or as a season extender for seed starting and whatnot.

We opted for the Harbor Freight 10x12 foot structure, which is more permanent in nature. We've had it up and operational for over a year, now... and it's serving my purposes very well. I do wish it had doors on both ends for more ventilation, though. The price was right, though it did have to be modified as it's not really a quality made product.

Thanks for the heads up, though... I'm sure this is right up someone's ally! :-)

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)


We have discussed this at length, perhaps in your absence, that this pop-up certainly isn't for everyone. I think Lizalilly had one and it collapsed under the weight of the snow, as did others. After 3 years, the only sign of damage is a rip in the screen door after Laka jumped on it and caught a toenail in the mesh.

However, in my situation (zone 8) where we have the occassional hard freeze, it's a lifesaver for my bulbs. I wouldn't be able to overwinter bulbs if I didn't have the little pop-up. I have nearly 200 pots in it right now on 12 shelves with lots of additional room for seedlings and more pots.

I don't think that Anna should run out and buy one, but I am going to get a second one as it has served me very well, holding up to ice storms and tropical storm winds (:-0

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

PS...just a bunch of happy Hippis early last spring!!

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Very nice, Kristi!

I actually have four of the smaller covered shelving units, which I guess you could call mini-greenhouses, inside my apartment!

I've removed the plastic covering on 2 of them, and I use them as regular shelving units to hold all my potted bulbs and potting supplies for indoor growing.

One has the cover on it, and it makes a great plant hospital! I've hung plant lights under the shelves and use the lowest shelf for starting cuttings and for bagged cuttage bulb wedges!

The fourth is still un-assembled in its box, but I got them all for such a great price that I grabbed as many as I could afford!

With our weather and climate, the roaming barn cats, other critters, and the wind tunnel we call a yard, it's better all around for us to have a rigid greenhouse on a permanent foundation. Plus, as you might recall, we have the rose business going... and I really need the room and the permanency afforded by the one we have. It's also got to handle the amount of snow we get.

I think you're lucky to have the weather and climate you have... I'd give anything to live further south! :-)

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