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cghpndMay 16, 2013

How to care for this plant while indoors

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It is a Guzmania. Keep water in the centre of the leaves and depending on inside dryness maybe mist every day. Water potting mix every 7/10 days depending on dryness. They will not take direct sun as that is what has burnt your leaves.
Feed with a 3month fertiliser and leave the pups on until they are at least 1/2 size of mum or you can cut her out at that stage and have maybe 2 to 3 plants left in your pot. It will be at least 2 yrs before they flower.

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thank you very much. Should i leave t in the potting mix it ce with (from Lowes) or should i change it?
what do the pups look like on thm?

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It should be okay in that mix. If you repot it, I would use new mix.
Cymbidium orchid mix, mixed 50/50 with a good potting mix, small amount of fertiliser will do the job.

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