Substrate for Billbergia?

gartemua(5b)May 19, 2010

What kind of substrate used for Billbergia?

I use pine bark, moss, and forest substrate. But I think that this is not enough, whether you want to add a deciduous ground?

Who has any recommendations would be about this?

If there already had such a theme, tell me where she is.

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Hi Gartemua ,

Here in Oz we tend to use composted ( Pine ) bark as a medium for growing Billbergia ,the pieces are roughly from 1/2 to 1 cm size ,little fertiliser is used and it must be very low in Nitrogen ( 2 % ) or leaves lose their colour till the nitrogen is used up ,allthough this effect is less noticeble on the Helicoids ( Brasiliansis ,Rosea ,Venezualiana etc ,) is this of any help ?

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My all-around brom mix is 50/50 mix of small orchid bark nuggets and high quality potting soil with some handfuls of perlite and pumice thrown in.

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I have mine under a live oak in plenty of pine bark and oak leaves. That way they get some moisture retention and plenty of air for the roots!

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Thank you very much, the issue has been exhausted.

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