Sunflower Aztec Sun

luvahydrangea(Albany, NY 5)April 29, 2011

Anyone ever grow this variety? I tried to start it indoors two weeks ago, and do far, nothing. They haven't germinated. I have them under lamps, with heating mat. Any advice?

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I do I love them they grow just like the tall sunflower easy and a bit shorter and yellow.They useally ether germinate in week or rot they should start soon are not at all mine sprout very fast here in texas I should have seeds very soon if they dont sprout let me know ill mail ya some seeds .
Last years pic

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terrene(5b MA)

Yes I grow this, and like the yellow color. I just sowed Tithonias on 4/23 in cups and then put them outside along the south side of the foundation of the house (warm microclimate). The orange is already sprouting but the Aztec Sun hasn't sprouted. I checked last year's records too and the Aztec Sun sprouted 6-8 days later than the orange, so apparently it is slower.

Is your seed from a commercial source and is it fresh?

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Gosh, I'd think those seeds would have germinated by now. Sunflowers usually come up quickly. I have Sunflowers popping up out front already that self-sowed from last year's crop. I like to have them around because the Silvery Checkerspots and Gorgone Checkerspots use it as a larval host plant.

I hope you get some germination quickly or I'd be inclined to think either bad seed or rotting seed.

My Tithonia seeds have already germinated that I sowed in situ, including Yellow Torch, Fiesta Del Sol, and Torch. I guess we've had enough warm weather to heat up the soil for germination.


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luvahydrangea(Albany, NY 5)

Those are beautiful Angie and thank you for the offer, I will definitely let you know if they dont germinate. I had some left over so am trying a new batch. I think the originals may have rotted, but I'm not tossing them out yet. I'm going to leave the heating mat on them 24/7 to see if that helps. Originally I was allowing the heating mat to go off when the lights did via the timer. Maybe my basement is too cool for them without the mat. Its definitely too cold for them to be directly sown here.

I bought them from "Seedsavers Exchange." I also bought peas from them that didn't seem to germinate. I've never ordered from them before. Not sure if I will again.

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