Need ID help

billy_kain(8)May 22, 2010


I bought this plant with no name. At one time, I thought I had found the group it belonged to, but now, I cannot even find that. I am sure it is the most common bromeliad around.

I put some pictures in Photobucket, and would appreciate it if someone would take a look.

It grows flat. Flowers are small and seem to come from between the base of the leaves. Edge of a leaf feels like a hacksaw blade.

I thought that when, or after they flower, they produce offsets. I do not see any so far.

Thank you,


Here is a link that might be useful: Bromeliad

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Gee, not sure if I'm talking to John, Chas or Billy. ;-)

At any rate, the plant is a Cryptanthus. It looks a lot like C. fosterianus, but may be one of its hybrids, it's kind of hard to tell. In the last two pictures, you see that little bud peeking out from the leaf axil? That's a pup (offset), and there will probably be more of them. When it gets to be about half the size of the mother you can pop it off and start it in another pot.

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Thank you very much. I am grateful. I had no idea those were the beginning of little pups. Since it is where the flower had been, I thought it might be a seed pod.

I know this is the Bromeliad Forums, and everyone here is a Bromeliader but me, so don't take offense when I say this is the second ugliest plant I have. Every time I water, I forget it is among the other plants. When I finally notice it, I think it is a Rat Snake and jump about 2 feet. The exercise is good for me, I guess, but my knees ae bad.

Far as the name goes, I am John. I am old, cranky, and resent having to give out information about myself. Depending on how much my knees hurt on a given day, I am apt to write down anything on a registration form.

Thank you again,

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John, I got a Cryptanthus Elaine from somebody who didn't like it because they too thought it looked like a snake!

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Guess I'm not going to ask what your first ugliest plant is.

As for being old and cranky with failing body parts, you're in good company. There are a lot of us here that match that description. ;-)

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Well Hello Mr Kaine ,the plant in question is Cryptanthus hybrid ' Moon Beam ' its bred from Cryptanthus species fosteriana , it is quite big for a Crypt , Ugly ? hmmmm beauty is in the eye of the beholder ,for me its one of the nicest Cryptanthus ( when well grown ) yes they are snake like ,and if it scares you so ,pray tell why did you obtain it ? and as Lisa stated ,with those aflictions you are in the right place .

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When I bought it, it did not look bad at all. Out by itself, I can tolerate it. Only when I see it, and have my mind on something else, does it bother me. Also, you have to admit those little white flowers don't really compare with the big colorful flower scapes you see on bromeliads at garden centers.

I am very grateful for all the information. Thank you.

Put on welders goggles, and cover your best eye with your palm. Ask someone (who cannot see the monitor), to pull the plug on your computer if you freeze up and suddenly go stiff. I know this is a poor picture, but it was the best I could get before the camera locked up.
Click on Epi.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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"everyone here is a Bromeliader"

Man, I love that term , very cool!

"I am old, cranky, and resent having to give out information about myself."

Hell, that's a prerequisite for being a member

There are plenty of foo-foo forums for the young, good-looking, energetic folks. Here? We like us just the way we is!

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