Beginner with Bromelliad plants

chubbybearMay 7, 2010

I just got a this plant. It has red flowers, green leaves and moss in the base. Can you tell me what kind of Bromelliad it is. My main concern is the flowers have brown spots. It also looks like the new growth tips are brown. How do I need to take care of this plant.

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Hi chubbybear,

Welcome to the forum, it's always good when another new member joins our ranks and I'm sure you'll enjoy your association with ouir forum and learn lots about brom's.

Re. your question, it's difficult to answer it accurately without a picture of the plant in question.

Your spots could be from a number of things but the most common is when it has been watered and left in full sun to dry. The sun shining through the droplets acts like a magnifying glass and produces little burns on the leaf or flower.

As for the brown growth tips, they could be caused by too much fertilizer, too much water or just a natural dying back process, again without a picture it's hard to say.

All the bets, Nev.

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Hi chubbybear,

Sorry, that should read, "all the best, Nev"

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