Crinum ID?

amccourNovember 1, 2011

Not a Hippeastrum, but it's sort of in that ballpark ;)

It looks sort of like an asiaticum, only the foliage is a lot shorter, it doesn't really have the thick pseudostem, and I'm not sure if it's visible, but the bulb is a lot broader than the stem it has now and I haven't really seen a lot of C. asiaticums with that, although maybe mine is just potted to shallowly.

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I'm not sure you will get a proper ID with pictures of it flowering.

How large is it?

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Pseudo-stem is about six inches tall, maybe two inches in diameter. Leaves are maybe about a foot long each. Bulb's like five or six inches in diameter.

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with it being so young it's hard to tell, my asiactums actually look like that due to freezing back last year, I should clarify and say the babies around the mom look like that.
Tally ho!

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I would say that without a flower, it would be very difficult to offer any kind of concrete name suggestions. How long before we can see a bloom?

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I have crinum which I've never seen blooming,since 1979,when I first moved here. I have some which bloom every year,without fail.The ones I have which were identified as asiaticum do not have bulbs,but have swollen stems with root callus.C Amabile, which is said to be the result of a cross between Asiaticum and zeylanicum,is also a swollen stem type.

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I'm no expert on Crinum, but I suppose that it C. americanum or C. erubescens.
My Crinum americanum has bulb and leaves him similar.

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You might check out C. jagus 'Rattrayi'.


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