Propogating a Bromeliad....questions about taking pups

alavalMay 12, 2012


I'm trying to salvage a huge, well established Bromeliad that hasn't been propogated. Ever.

If one hasn't been propogated, will the pups still be attached to the plant? Or would they be in the soil? If I take one before it's bloomed (it hasn't bloomed in years) will the mother be okay? (It's an heirloom plant, so the mother HAS to survive or I'll be on the chopping block) I'd love to take the whole thing, but due to space issues, I can't.



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Can you post a photo?

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rednofl(9b Goldenrod Fl hz 10)

As long as the pups are about 1/3 as big as the mother plant they will be fine. Just be careful cutting them off near the base and don't butcher the mother plant all will be fine. Put the pups in a new pot and your good to go.

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I can get some photos. Thing is, I'm not even sure it's a bromeliad. When it flowers, it does look like a lot of the photos of Broms I've seen on google, however, my grandmother (it was her plant) calls it a "Curfew Lily." Google doesn't bring anything up under that name. And the leaves look NOTHING like any of the lilies I've ever seen.
I've seen the actual flower as well, I'm not great with flowers, but I don't think it's a lily.

I decided to hold off on propogating until I can get a proper ID (which won't happen unless it flowers...begin vicious circle again... haha!).

I'll get some pictures up today. We'll go from there. I'm also being told that it's the wrong season to take a there a proper season?

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...Curfew Lily, or Kaffir Lily?

Though the flowers on that don't look much like a brom, to me at least... But that's the first thing I matched with "Curfew".

Here is a link that might be useful: Google Search for Kaffir Lily Images

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I apologize for borrowing this thread, but my question is bascily the same. I hope you dont mind.

Mine is a Tillandsia w/3 pups. I was just wondering if it was time to take them from "mom" and pot them, or like Amber asked, Is there a season to do this? Can I put all the pups in the same pot?

Here is a pic of her. Taken a few days ago.

Again, I hope you dont mind me borrowing this thread.

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Marjie I grow that tillandsia as a group since I like the look better than a single plant

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hotdiggety- so do I really. (seen some pics, haven't done it myself yet, this being my first one) I heard that if I don't take the pups from mom, the whole plant will die. I really don't want that. I have tried looking it up, I think I have the basic idea, but what I found was very vague.

So, do I take them off and plant all in the same pot? Or leave it as is?
Someone said I could plant them next to the mom, (not sure this pot is big enough for that) How much room do they need?
What will happen to the mom plant? does she just die? or will I have to cut her off at some point?

I can't seem to find the answers to my questions, believe me, I've looked! I love this plant, want to do right by it and its babies.

Yes- questions again. Lol.

Thanks for any info
Marjie :)

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Marjie I gradually cut mom away as she declines and when the plant needs more room I step it up one pot size. I feed liquid fertlizer in the growing season and keep it shade. I use small chips orchid fir bark mixed in the soil.

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Are they ready to be taken from the mom now? Or should I wait for a plant to form. Right now they are just a cluster of leaves-- ;)


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I don't seperate mine but I would think you need to wait until you can clearly see where each pup starts at the base of mom.

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High everyone,

Like HDD I always let mine clump up as well. Not long after I got my first one I used to take off the pups but they never flowered. When I asked the lady who I bought it from why it didn't flower she told me to leave the pups on and let it clump up a bit. I followed her advice and ever since I've have had no trouble flowering them.

All the best, Nev.

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So I DON'T HAVE to separate them?? That is news to me.. but I learn something new every day, or at least "try". :)

I was told that it would kill the whole plant if the pups stayed attached to mom. Learning exp. for me I guess. I really like this plant and would like to keep it as long as I can.

So it is really a personal choice? separate or not?. Personally I kinda would like to keep then together growing. I love the flowers.
Hummm~~ this is going to be interesting.. thanks for the info.
Marjie-- :)

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Hi everyone,

Lamora - Whoever told you that needs to ask themself, "who removes the pups when they are growing wild in their native habitat?"

All the best, Nev.

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