Will my pale green leaves ever recover?

debbie1000May 16, 2010

I realize I've been doing it all wrong with my bromeleads. They were in full sun, I watered them every 1-2 days when there was no rain. Now the leaves are pale green but the tips are brown and crunchy yet soggy. So I have cut off the brown parts, they look much better but far from nice!

I have also separated some of them as they were very rootbound.

Will the current leaves turn a deeper green now that I have placed them in the shade? I have them in clay pots wedged between branches of a shade tree. Or will have have to wait for new growth to be hopefully deeper greeen? Thanks!

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This depends what your brom is. Usually with broms it is about knowing your brom and what it will tolaerate. Sounds like your brom can handle some sun so maybe put it where it gets only morning sun or under a tree with dappled light. Again depends what your brom is but i would say it would go more green in more shade. With a brom burning it is better to be safe and start it in shade and if you want it to get sun hardened put it into more sun in the winter when it is not so hot then by summer it should be hardened.
Hope this helps

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Hi buddysmum you will find clay post dry the mixture quicker than plastic pots unless they are sealed inside.

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Thanks for the responses. So should I be planting them in a plastic pot instead of a clay one?

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