Passifloras source?

tracydr(9b)April 25, 2012

Could someone recommend a good source for passifloras? Also, are they really invasive? In AZ, do I need to keep them in pots? Or, is it only certain varieties? I'd like to grow one or two edibles and then some pretty red ones.

I'm not sure if it's too late to plant them here in AZ for the summer, I'm hoping I can still get away with it if I provide afternoon sun.

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Hi, Tracy, Susan here from the Oklahoma Gardening Forum. Probably the best source for online mail order passi's is Grassy Knoll. Elizabeth is the owner and you can ask her questions, etc., and she is very helpful. Not all passi's are invasive. In fact, the only one that I know of that is, is P. incarnata, which is native to the USA.

The highly touted P. edulis is the one most often grown for eating. I don't grow it. It is not hardy in Oklahoma. I only grow P. incarnata and P. 'Lavender Lady'. LL is not invasive at all IMHO and has beautiful flowers.

I only grown mine for the Gulf Fritillary and Variegated Fritillary butterflies. The red bloomers, however, are toxic to the caterpillars and they will not survive eating it. The only kinda red one I know that is not toxic is 'Lady Margaret'. It probably is hardy in your zone.


Here is a link that might be useful: Grassy Knoll Exotic Plants

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wifey2mikey(7a Tulsa, OK)

I found some at a Lowe's in Tulsa yesterday. You might try there although after having recently been to Phoenix, I realize that what Lowe's carries here may not necessarily be there.

Good luck!

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Thanks! They were at the big box stores earlier but then when I was ready to plant they were gone. Need to order some online, I think. I'm going to make an order from Grassy Knoll. Unfortunately, they are out of all the p.edulis and I really wanted a purple passion fruit.
I'll keep looking locally for a Fredericks and order some of the pretty flowers from Grassy Knoll.

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Tracy, another place that carries P. edulis is Almost Eden. I ordered plants from there this year on a recommendation from a friend, since Bustani's no longer does online ordering. I didn't get passi's, but their plants are very, very nice. Here is a link to their Passiflora page.


Here is a link that might be useful: Almost Eden Passion Vines

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