More sprouts!

efeuerApril 11, 2014

Thanks for the info about tithonia, Miss Sherry. Guess I will have to retrieve my jugs from outside and put them on the heating pad. Not sure what I will do once they sprout, though-I don't really have enough sun in my windows for them. I have a small tabletop fluorescent plant light, though. Maybe my husband will schlep it up from the basement for me.

So far, my sprout report is:

Asclepias tuberosa
Allium cernuum
Monarda punctata
Monarda fistulosa

All up!
Still waiting on Liatris, pycnanthemum, asclepias incarnata, prairie dropseed, tithonia, and yvonne's salvia. Also just received two coral honeysuckle plants I bought and am waiting to plant out. So maybe I'll get some Hummers as well as butterflies. Unfortunately, I seem to have injured my knee, probably a torn meniscus, and I can't put weight on the foot. I think I may have to enlist help from my gardener to take care of all the planting this spring. Fortunately I still get to enjoy the butterflies! And he needs the money, poor guy.

One quick question-the swamp milkweed I planted has all the seeds sitting on the surface of the soil. I guess I didn't bury them deeply enough. Should I sift some soil on top of them?

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

That's great that so many of your seeds are sprouting, Liz!

I've never grown swamp MW from seed, but it's said to be better to have seeds too close to the top of the soil than too deep, which could keep them from ever coming up. I've seen plenty of seeds germinate right on top of the soil. That said, a VERY thin sprinkling of soil over the top of the seeds would probably help.

My tithonia seeds came today. I'll probably wait a while to plant them, though.


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Actually, the seeds are sprouting! That's why they are on the surface.-they've started to lift up. I noticed the rootlets going down earlier today. The first tithonia has sprouted too! This is my first time winter sowing and I am just thrilled about the results. Especially the swamp milkweed. I started those from wild collected seeds. Now that's a native plant!

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I have Fennel and Husker's Red Penstemon sprouting from seed. My Rue and Buttonbush haven't sprouted yet, but it's been cool by the window. Those should sprout soon now that it's getting warmer. I plan on starting lots of seed on Monday, including Tithonias, Zinnias, Snapdragons and Liatris lingulistylis. I will undoubtedly start more Fennel at the job site as well. I'll plant Collards and Radishes for the Cabbage Whites and for personal use. I love Collard greens with hot Italian sausage and Great Northern beans.

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bandjzmom(7 NWGeorgia)

Sounds great Liz. I didn't winter sow anything this year, but I do have Tropical MW sprouts in pots that I recently planted. Wishing you a terrific season!

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