A question about posted pic's

splinter1804May 19, 2009

Hi everyone,

I notice that a lot of pic's on past posts have been removed. Is there a reason for this?

Could someone please tell me if there is a time limit on how long they are allowed to stay on the thread and if not, why are they removed and who removes them, the "poster" or the Garden Web and why?

Finally, if they must be removed, how do you know when to remove them and how do you do it?

Oh dear! questions, questions questions but thanks in advance anyway, all the best, Nev.

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Nev, in order to have pictures with the posts, you have to load the pictures up to a photo hosting site, like Photobuckit. Then you link it from there to your post, you do not actually copy or fix it onto that post. Now, if you remove the picture from the photo hosting site, there is nothing at the other end of the link, so, no picture anymore in the post!


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I accidentally erased a bazillion photos from Photobucket© and totally screwed up old posts. It would be cool if the "powers that be" had an 'edit' button for the original poster so's they could go back and restore the pics.

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Gonzer, if you reload the same photos with the same titles the links should work again, shouldn't they?

Nev, there is no time limit as far as the GW is concerned, although I've found that the search engine sometimes doesn't work on threads more than a couple of years old. As for the photos, however, it's the poster who removes them from the hosting site, as Japie said. There can be several reasons for this. Either their account is getting too full and they want to make space for something else, or they figure the pic has been up long enough to get the response they were after and there's no need to leave it any longer, or perhaps they are concerned that somebody will pirate the photos. Sometimes newbies don't realize that removing the photo from the hosting site will break the link and cause the picture to disappear from GW, so they pull it right away. If you find nothing but little red Xs where the photos should be, check the date the thread was started. Chances are it's an old one that has been revived.

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