Cacti losing color?

myhorsecloudJanuary 25, 2014

I have 3 small cacti seedlings that have recently turned pale and lost their color, like in the picture. They used to be a green color, not a very dark green, but nonetheless very different from what they are now! They've been in a south facing window and I have watered them every 3 weeks or so. Does anyone know why they've lost their color? Thanks!

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That's not a cactus. It looks like a Aloe hybrid of some sort. A picture in better light would help to I.d it. I would also replant is in more of a gritty mix. Or atleast add perlite or pumice. Hope this helps a little.


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Really? Ok thanks I don't really know the mother plant looked more like a cactus than it does. Here's a hopefully better picture of the baby cactus. I'm sorry, my phone isn't the best quality camera. I can post a picture of the mother plant too.

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This is the plant it grew from. It's not in the best health either I don't think. I have the worst luck with cacti, I'm a beginner at this.

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Remember aloes need good ( sometimes 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day. Try giving it a very sunny window ;).. and use a very mild 10 10 10 fertilizer in half strength to the directions on package :).

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Aloe cv. Cristmas carol (cv. means it's a cultivated hybrid)

Skip the feeding for now it's to wet and would suggest you repot it into a better draining soil. If you dont have a good draining mix loosen the soil you have now with at least 50 % ( more % is better) rinced of dust perlite..
Wear a mask to prevent breathing in the perlite dust for Clean off the old peat from the roots as clean as possible before repotting it into the newer soil.

If your into making your own mixes I preffrance bark fines ( or humus) 2 no higher than 3 parts, pumice-1 part, perlite 1 part( both of the ones can be a little more)
Substitues for a good mix are many what you are aiming for is good draining in turn better drainage provides less standing water (or less chance of perched water).

Standing or perched either of them is your aloes status in pics.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

what nomen-nudem said. Aloe 'Christmas Carol' or some other similar Kelly Griffin hybrid.

The baby was likely separated from Mom too early and is pretty stressed trying to grow a new root system. You will get more offsets, when you do, leave them attached longer so they form a good root system before you separate them.

These small hybrid Aloes are fairly easy to grow, but they need lots and lots of light and temperatures that are not too cold--if you are comfortable, they are comfortable. If you are cold, they are cold.

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