A few pic's for Kathi

splinter1804May 23, 2011

Hi everyone,

A few of my garden pic's

Finally, my faithful old 16 Y.O. mate who helps me with the gardening.

All the best, Nev.

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OMG,these are like pototato chips,can't pick just one.I've never seen so many beauties in one place.Thank you for sharing with me.

I love that #11 with the orange flowers,it reminds me of the one i have with the purple flowers.........And those bird,are those parrots?? Very colorful!! And i love the one just showing the birds head and eyes,you're quite the photographer!!

Your mate there looks like he's enjoying watching you work.

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Lovely pics as usual. I am not sure your "old mate" is old as he is still in a baby seat!!

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Nice pics! Love those birds! Where are you located?

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Got it! You're from Australia. Nice weather there!

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Good morning everyone,

I forgot to mention when I posted the pic's that if you hold your curser over the pic, the name will show.

Kathi, The plants in pic #11 are Aechmea recurvata; it's a pretty common plant and grows best in full sun. Looks best in a mass planting when all the leaves colour up. By the way the flowers are mauve/light purple so your plant could be the same one.

The birds are Rainbow Lorikeets, non destructive and very beautiful but very, very noisy at feeding time. The bird with the black and white head is "Jacko" our tame Magpie who comes in every day and gets hand fed little bits of mince meat. That day he thought he'd just check out my camera which I was using at the time to photograph the lorikeets.

Hi Dooley good to see you here, don't see many of the others very often now except HDD. My "old mate" came into the garage one day when I was tidying up a few things and that old car booster capsule was on the floor. He just made himself comfortable in it and now when ever I go in there to do some work he looks up at it and barks until I put it down for him to lie in. Its probably more comfortable for his old bones than the concrete floor.

Yes tivo I'm from Australia, on the south east coast about an hour or so south of Sydney.

All the best, Nev.

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