Dyckia choristaminea

gonzer_gwMay 30, 2009

I guess the photo at FCBS doesn't show the fully formed flower stalk. This is a neat plant.

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Constantino Gastaldi

Yes, this flower is a typical one.
Dyckia choristaminea is a very interesting plant. The first one and the type form was found within the largest city in South Brazil region, Porto Alegre. It was found in Morro da Polícia (Police Hill) and Morro do Sabiá (Wag tail bird Hill). The instalation of Antens for comunication extermined the last residents plants. Even so the plant was found in many other areas around Porto Alegre. The Northernmost variety is also the most beautiful. It is much more colorful and smaller and the flowers are even a deeper shade of yellow. Here a link to see these plants.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dyckia Brazil

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Gastaldi, thank you for the great information!
The link is the best I've seen on the genus.

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Constantino Gastaldi

Gonger, Thank you. I am just showing what I have in my garden and telling what I know and sharing many doubts. We have lots and lots to know about Dyckias.We have only just begun.

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