Need care tips for new Pink Quill Bromeliad

bj99May 2, 2009

I just purchased my first bromeliad and I have several questions about it. I have read that it is an air plant but mine came in a 4" pot that has potting soil. Should I keep it in this pot with this soil? I live in the high desert and it is very dry. What is the best way to water this plant? Should I actually water the soil or would misting be better? Can I mist it with miracle grow? Any other advise would be most appreciated. Thank you!

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allan4519(10a, Northern NSW Australia)

Hi bj99, bromeliads are often referred to as air plants, though this is a common term and does not mean much with out seeing a picture of your plant or knowing the name of your plant? (Post an image if you can?)

If your plant came in soil, I would generally assume it likes soil mixes (possibly open potting mix?) and if so would almost certainly like a good drench (both plant and soil) with water and possibly Miracle grow, though again where you are growing it will determine how much water it will take (ie indoors is difficult in most houses to grow plants due to a lack of light) and the night time temperatures, ie if frosts still occur at night and it is a tropical plant? then growing out doors may not be ok?

Am sure if you take an image of your plant and also describe the growing location as well as the weather in your area ie cold nights hot days or cool days under 59oF (ie 15oC) then am sure many of the forum members will give you appropriate advice, on care and growing your plant,
Bromeliads are generally easy to grow in warm climates though will depend on what plant you have. cheers allan

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