Butterfly Container Garden

Mike LarkinApril 17, 2012

Does anyone have photos to share of their container garden.

I want to try one of the new smaller butterfly bushes in a container this year Buddleia 'Blue Chip'

Have seen in containers , wonder if it actually does ok in container - Mike

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bandjzmom(7 NWGeorgia)

Oh gosh Mike, I tried it in a container here, and it died..died...died. I'm pretty good at keeping things alive and thriving, and I had NO luck with it. I have a TX friend (very green thumbed) who tried it in a container and had the same experience. Not trying to discourage, but they are pricey.~~Angie

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Tony G(5a)

I think I've also read in here that people said it attracted less butterflies...and almost ALL butterfly bushes attract lots of butterflies.

I am growing a butterfly buddleja BUZZ in a container and it looked great last year and is coming back good now. It attracted lots of butterflies too.

I think the new dwarf series that a lot of people are buying now is the flutterby series...I haven't heard reviews about them though. I'm sure someone here has tried them.

Good luck, Tony

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bob_71(z7 MD)

Mike, it is said that "need" is the mother of invention. In my case I surely had a "need", I was losing ten and more healthy plants every year to voles. They were eating the entire root system to just below the ground level. The solution I reached involves planting the new plant in a pot and then planting the plant, pot and all in it's final location.

I am using this method for all my outdoor plantings and have for about the last ten years.

I use 7 gallon pots for smaller plants and 15gallon pots for, perhaps full-size roses such as Hybrid Teas or Shrub roses. I modify the pots before planting by adding about 6 holes about 1" in diameter about 1/3rd of the distance up from the bottom. These extra holes provide extra drainage but their true value is that the plant's internal anchor roots have escape outlets to provide the necessary stability.

One tip, a 15" pot with plant and soil in it is pretty heavy! Try digging the hole to fit the pot, place empty pot in hole, level it and then put in some of the planting soil, plant your new specimen and then finish placing the balance of the soil in the pot. You will find that you will be able to use less water and fertilizer because you are containing the area treated. The pot can stay planted forever. It will continue to provide a barrier that is reasonably efficient in repelling voles.

I have a five year old Viburnum (Summer Snow) that is ten Feet tall now and is still in the 15 gallon planter.

Mike Cronin came and dug up tons of potted host and pollen plants for butterflies last year to replant in a memorial garden in SW Virginia. Being potted, the digging was much easier and less stressful on the plants. The critical feeder roots were protected and essentially undisturbed.

All my buddleisa are, and have been, planted in partially buried containers and do very well.

I am attaching a few shots for reference.


Springtime appearance

Same bed, later in the spring

Same bed, another shot

Buddleis "Nanho Purple" in 15 gallon pot

White Ball" in 15 Gallon Pot

Incidentally, I have read more bad reviews on "Blue Chip" than good ones. The miniature sized bush I have been growing is a white one called WHITE BALL. I can vouch for it's attractiveness to butterflies and bees. Let me know if I may be of further help to you.


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