Keeping fountain water fresh and safe for butterflies

BrieninsacApril 23, 2012

I have a recirculating fountain as part of our butterfly garden. I have some large rocks in it to allow a safe place for butterflies to sit and drink. However, the water tends to get kinda slimy after a week or two. I know there are chemicals you can put in the water to prevent that from happening. But obviously I don't want to harm the butterflies either.

So I was curious is others have found a way to treat fountain water without harming the butterflies?

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Butterflies are used to encountering slimy water in nature. They do not drink water anyway. They may dab at a damp fountain or rock surface, looking for minerals, but they have no use for standing water.

I do not know if treated water that splashes and wets fountain rocks would harm the butterflies.

How often do you see butterflies landing on the fountain, and do they linger there?

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