Do amaryllis bulbs grow in water?

tangerine_z6(6)December 18, 2005

Can amaryllis bulbs be grown in water or do I have them confused with something else? I was hoping to set one in a decorative pot with stones covering the bottom and keeping the water about 1/3 of the way up the bulb. Thanks.

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Well I am no expert here.....but I would think that if you set any kind of bulb in water that it would just rot.

I started a couple of hyacinth bulbs in water....but the directions said to set the bulb above the water so its not touching. The roots have grown so that they are now in the water...but the water is still not touching the bulb. I also change the water every few days so it doesn't get smelly.

I don't see how this method would work for I would think it would need support to hold up the flower stems.

Happy growing,


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janet_a(MD 6b)

you can start them and bloom them in H2O, but from what i'm told they won't go much further after that. it's also tricky to keep them from rotting or getting moldy. it's a fun process to watch, though.

if you want to try it, go for it, but *don't* set the bulb itself in the water; keep the water level a half inch or so below the basal plate; don't worry, the bulb will know the water's there and put out roots anyway. :)

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Thanks for answering, you just saved my amaryllis bulb from a watery grave. I don't know what I was thinking of but will pot it up right now!

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Do not grow them in water they can rot; hyacinths, paperwhites and other bulbs that can be forced on water are disposable, bloom once compost them because they are not good for anything else later. Amaryllises are perennial and can live to quite old age so they are better in pots. Amaryllises contrary to popular beleif can´t be forced, "forcing" amarayllises is not exactly forcing, it´s scheduled blooming, amaryllises normally bloom in the spring what yoy do to force them is that you lift the bulb and punish it ( no water, no soil ) weeks prior to it´s normal blooming time, like putting it on stand by because it will bloom 6-8 weeks after being replanted when the conditions are favorable. Bulbs prepared for Christamas blooming are only bulbs that were lifted in September.

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I did a search on the bulb forum....quite a few posts and good reading.

There is a post about growing amaryllis above water....if you are still interested in this....check out that post and the responses.


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I would only grow amaryllis well-potted in soil. Aside from the issue of rotting and re-blooming, this is a large and strong plant and it is capable of pulling the container over and creating one big mess. Soil holds it well.

I also have never managed hyacinths in water. Paperwhites, however, do just fine.

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allagashben(5 Maine)

I was recently given an Amaryllis Hippeastrum. And the directions on the box stated to put the charcoal that was provided with the bulb about 1 teaspoon, on the bottom of the container, fill the container with room temperature water up to the bottom of the bulb. Which let the roots hang down into the water about 4 or 5 inches. This bulb has taken off and has a flower stem now about 20 inches high with another flower stem about 4 inches high. I am interested myself in knowing if it should be potted in a medium of perlite and peatmoss after blooming.

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janet_a(MD 6b)

oh absolutely pot it up when it's done; i put mine in regular potting soil cut with a little peat moss, but YMMV. :)

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allagashben(5 Maine)

Thanks, I will try potting it in the peat and perlite after it blooms. It is just starting to open. I can't believe how fascinating this flowering bulb has become.

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Has anyone actually done this to his/her bulb(s). I'd like to see a picture of the final result. Then I might try it one of my bulbs. Maybe I buy a common variety next season in Home Depot or something (just get it cheap), and experiment with it. I assume it is a really pretty sight that way and is a really modern piece of decoration... I have an ultramodern house, so this kind of out of soil flowers should look exciting... I tried tulips (failed), hyacint (failed), paperwhites (failed), so that is why I would only experiment with a very cheap bulb. I wouldn't be so upset if I ruined it eventually.

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Early Dec 08, i bought a glass vase at costco containing a big bulb. I added enough water to be close to the bottom of the bulb and just added water as needed. Bloomed from Xmas to now early feb 09. it just finished blooming. huge, tall stems crowned by huge flowers. Now I want to save the bulb for next years,[ this is why I am on this site]. By the way now the bulbs are on sale!!!!

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I was success in having blooms TWICE this past winter.
I did change the water, it can get smelly. Hopefully here is my photo.

Here is a link that might be useful: amarillas photo

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