Just Because - Tillandsia botteri

rufino(z10 Florida)May 3, 2010

I'm posting the image below just because I'm so happy with the performance of this plant. Here in south Florida, it just grows and grows with very little care. It sits in a large tray in a west-facing carport without any soil or pots (the pots in the image are there solely to hold it upright for the photograph).

I do have one question, however. Does anyone know why the smaller pup (on the left) would flower before the larger pup? It doesn't seem to make sense that the larger, more mature pup just keeps getting bigger and bigger while it's little sister feels compelled to flower.

Kind regards,


South Florida

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It's something that can happen from time to time Rufino. I've noticed that temperature fluctuation can often be the culprit.

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rufino(z10 Florida)

Gonzer, I think you might be on to something. The pup that's flowering faces the sun (and so gets warmer than the larger pup, which faces away from the sun).

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It's a good looker. How big is it?

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