ID for an Aechmea

dooleybugs01May 14, 2010

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has seen or know what this aechmea is below. Some has told me it may be a hybrid linked to Aechmea Royal Wine.



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I can,t really help you there Dooly ,but looking closely at the plant it has some very soft silver grey barring on the foliage and that probably came from Ae, fulgens ' discolor ' so yes a link to ' Royal Wine ' is very plausible and it looks like that type ,i do like its green on green variegations ,very fresh and clean looking ,

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Hi Dooley

I think that may be Ae. Compacta variegated ??


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thanks jack
for now i think i will put on the label " A.Port Wine x ?".
Uncle Derek told me to put it in a bin but i think i will hold onto it for a bit longer.

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Hi Dooly,
I think i would put a lot of stuff in the bin long before i would put that in the bin , bit silly handing out that sort of advice when its a very nice plant ,i would be happy to give it space any day ,yes the flower spike is a bit sparse ,but you would grow that for the plant itself anyway , it would look great alongside of Ae ' Fosters Favorite Favorite ' and Ae fulgens discolour Variegata etc ,

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There was a bunch of variegated Ae. compactas for sale at our society meeting on Thursday and they didn't look like that.

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