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katladie(z8Louisiana)May 3, 2009

My Mom has a bromeliad like the one at the beginning of the forum. It has bloomed and I removed the dead bloom. Two of the outside leaves have turned brown and shriveled. It is in a six inch pot, should I repot it. What type of soil? Do I cut the dead leaves out? Also the place I bought it said to put water down in the cup or rosette of the leaves, is this correct?


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allan4519(10a, Northern NSW Australia)

Sharon, your plant sounds like Aechmea fasciata? if it is the same as the image in this forum?
Before going into what to do with your plant how about telling the forum what growing conditions you have? ie out doors or indoors, full sun out doors, or in a shade house or indoors where there is no actual direct light?
If you are growing your plant out doors in a half day sun position, and have not watered the soil since your mum go this plant then would almost certainly give the soil a good drench and hopefully it has not been too stressed that it has got bugs into the roots yet? pull the plant out of pot to check the health of roots if you suspect bugs in the soil?
Aechmea fasciata is generally a warm growing plant and likes lots of water during the summer if night temperatures are above 59oC (as plants do all the growing at night).
If you get a chance take an image and post it to the forum and if not sure of how to add an image ask members how to show images??? ie photobucket web site is a place where you can put your image and then copy the address of your image to the post on this forum?

hope this did not confuse you allan

Here is a link that might be useful: upload your images to this site Photobucket

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