Tillandsia question

cutterpup(z7MD)May 14, 2010

Hi all. I am looking for guidance on picking a few small Tillandsia to grow with my tropical sundews and orchids. here is my setup..29 galloon aquarium, 2 flourscent T12 lighting tubes. Largely ventilated top, slow air flow within the tank (small computer fan). Bottom is plastic eggcrate to keep plants above water level with plants either mounted or in individual pots. Pots are at various levels to the lights, pots are also hidden by spanish moss and wood bark. There is a mixture of jewel orchids, mounted dendrobiums, masdavellias and small phalaenopsis.

temps are about 65 degrees at night and 70 degrees during the day. The orchids, etc have been quite happy in there, but i think some Tillandsia would add character.

Thanks in advance


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"slow air flow within the tank "

That is not a good sign for raising Tillandsia. They need very good air circulation. Your average low temp is still high for any of the grey-leafed forms. Maybe orchids are all you need.
Also, any of the terrestrial green-leafed species would grow too large, crowding your other plants.

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Thank you, This is why I'm searching and asking before leaping.

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