Baby Bromeliads Growing From The Flower Pods???

rleeqMay 13, 2013

Found 2 of what I think is a "tillandsia utriculata," growing near me in Homestead on a roadside tree. Brought them home. Each one has a large "baby" growing at it's base without roots or flowering part...yet.
Both mothers seem to have matured and It appears that they have both flowered as they both have long dry stalks. One has what I think are seeds, ( very small seed with white fuzz like one of nebu's pics).
The other one though is strange to me. It has a long dry stalk which has apparently flowered, but it has teeny tiny (largest is maybe 1/2 inch) babies, kind of hanging under what is left of the flower heads. I'm wondering how to harvest them to propagate. Some of the babies have the beginnings of roots.

(I thought that babies only grew from the base of the mother plant, not from the flower pods.)

Thanks R'

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The babies you're referring to are simply seeds that have germinated among the old seed pods on the inflorescence. Simply take tweezers and lift them off and attach them to whatever mounting medium you like. A tiny dab of a silicon glue will help.

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