Butterfly Bush seed question & Lochinch info needed

newgarden5April 20, 2012

I didn't realize this until now but I want to know if I am messing with my gardens future trail space or not. I love in zone 9 (Davenport, FL)

I have some Magenta and Blue-Violet (Buzz) Butterfly bushes planted on the side of my house spaced far apart from my rose bushes. I plan on keeping these relatively compack. Usually before the last few flowers fall off penicles of the plant I tend to cut them off. And because I had read that using the old/dead parts of some plants and fallen leaves make for a good organic mulch type product. I am worried I might have baby Butterfly bushes crop up in the near future..!

Can someone confirm or alleviate my fears? Thank you!

Now on to part 2. I bought yesterday the Lochinch butterfly bush in light pink and a darker purple color but I noticed that these are very lanky looking. Is there a way (that is the better way) to keep them smaller and not so lanky...?? I don't mind doing a bit of height but I just don't want them looking lanky and very airy looking on the otherside of the coin I don't want them to be too bush and unmanageable..

Any info would be lovely!


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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Jenny, it's very unlikely that seeds in your mulch would be able to sprout and stay viable, especially if you're in Florida. I don't know if it's our heat, humidity or what, but I've never heard of any becoming invasive in the Southeast. The only place I know of where that occurs is the Pacific Northwest.
I just looked up the 'Buzz' series of Buddleia, and they sure look interesting!

Lankiness in bushes usually happens when the plant doesn't get enough sun. Was your Lochinch in a shady situation in the nursery where you bought it? If not, it may have been in a shady place at the wholesale nursery before it came to the nursery/store where you got it. If you've planted it in a sunny situation, nature will probably take care of the problem eventually, but you can prune it to about a foot from the ground and expedite the process - the new growth will come out thick.


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