Will Hohenbergia cross with Billbergia?

chrisn82May 25, 2010

Topic! :)

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Well ,technically it should ,and depending on the variety of Hohenbergia and Billbergia ,it will be either very difficult or quite succesfull ,if for instance you are talking about Hohen,C-A then it my be a bit more tedious as the flowers are so small so not only are they difficult to get pollen on to ,but as they are so tiny the pollen will also have difficulty making a thread long enough for a lot of flowers to reach into the immature ovaries of the pod parent,so you would have to pick your plants carefully , there are hybrids of this plant crossed Ae Chantinii ( some quite nice ,and those plants would compliment each other anyway in a cross , and Crisn82 , most bigenerics are pretty hopeless , you tend to lose at least 50% of the best features of each parent involved ,that often then results in finishing up with CRAP , however having said that it depends on what you chose to put with what, and pick a Billbergia thats fertile to start with ,so look closely at what you may wish to do ,consider the shape of both plants ,colour influences ,growing habits ,all aspects have to be considered , but in a nutshell ? yes they would cross (sometimes ) but so would a domestic cat with a lion ,thats just my thoughts on the subject ,

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I was afraid of an answer like that! Hohen leo-horstii is comin in. Ive got a lot of frozen Billbergia pollen. I was thinking of using Domingos Martins x kuhlmannii pollen. Does leo-horst self?

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I've seen some self and some not self. Seeds are growing like gangbusters though! But I'm not sure if there are different clones. I have seen some stuff about a 'dark' clone...mine in full sun is really dark purplish, but everyone else' I have seen they have in more shade and are 'normal' looking...

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