Bromeliad Society Houston May Show (lots of pics!)

chrisn82May 16, 2010

Man what a weekend! I'm beat! Enjoy the pics guys. I only took pics of stuff I liked. If I don't list the names, it means I don't know what it is and took it just for balance. Hover over the image for the name.

This is a Vriesea!

And the Best in Show winner.

The Tillands are for you Stoney!


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brom_adorer(Mid-North Coast, NSW)

Thanks chris, it was like being there! Isn't that one with the folded leaves interesting? (pic 19)

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Very nice, thank you!

I particularly like how the broms are spaced on display, with ample room for each to shine and be viewed clearly. With name tags (I assume) presented at front for easy viewing also.

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Thank you very much. I enjoyed looking at all of them and wish I could have been there to see them in person. I'm sure it was alot of fun.

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The show winner, the one labeled xNeotanthus Blazing Bonsai, sure looks like Orthophytum 'Blaze'.

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Thanks for sharing Chris - too many to pick out faves but Im looking forward to my minis clumping up like those.


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Hi Chris,

It's great when people like you take the trouble to photograph the plants at shows and share them with the rest of us, especially the ones who can't be there.

It's wonderful to have technology where we are able to visit a show on the other side of the world without leaving our computer isn't it?

It's a well presented show with good spacing between the plants, and my favourite would have to be the Bil. Hallelujah X Brasiliensis.

Thanks for sharing,

All the best, Nev.

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Boy, that 'Darth Vader' really has The Force behind it. That plant is beefy!

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Correction on the show winner. I wasnt thinking and put it as a Neotanthus. Its an Orthotanthus. Blazing Bonsai is a Nat Deleon hybrid of Crypt. microglazioui and Orth. navioides. Unlike other navioides bigens, its pups branch outwards like Crypt. microglazioui.

Im glad everyone enjoyed the pics. I sure enjoyed the show. Im beat!


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Chris are all the dyckia's your plant?
Great lookling plant.

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That Bill. Hallelujah x brasiliensis really jumped out at me too. The odds of having something like that bloom at just the right time for a show are pretty low, so I'll bet the owner was stoked!

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Yes I am Lisa! :)

Len, many of the Dyckia are mine. I entered ten of them.

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Must say i am impressed with the Bill Halleluja x Brasilliensis , specially that it kept such a good flower spike as well , gets my vote !

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Hey Chris, congratulations! I see a couple of those winners are your plants, but how many? 3? 4 trophies? Great looking plants. I'm not seeing the names on the hover/scroll over...what is the name on that hohenbergia? Nice spines on it. Thanks for the show.

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Hey Andy,

The 4th is Darth Vader. I was surprised how well I did. Gonna be a better next yr!

That Hohen is unIDed from Brazil from Guy. Ive got one too but the one he sent me wasnt as nice.


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