I've tried a mesic : Tillandsia dyeriana

stephaniaJune 5, 2007

Last week, a plant shop in Chatuchak Plant Market,

the biggest source of ornamental plant in Bangkok City,

had this Heliconia-like Tillandsia for sale, 200 Thai Baht or 5.5 US$.

So, I took two plants back home.

Don't know the hint to take care of this mesic type, any suggestions are welcome.

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just as 'mesic' means regular moist environment..weak doses of fertilizer on a regular schedule

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He (they) should be right at home in your humid area Stephania. I have never had success growing this plant due to my location's lack of humidity. Without the bloom the plant can easily be mistaken for a member of the Racinea genus. Damp and humid = success.

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Oh MY do you still have this plant I have been looking for one :) You treat it just like a Bromeliad they say, but its been awhile so I guess you know that by now :) We cant find these in the US.

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You can find them here but unless you have a pre-montane rainforest setup at your place then save your $$$.

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