tank mold

zusyaJune 4, 2010

I have an unidentified bromeliad... probably some kind of neoregelia because the flowers were insignificant, and inside the tank (no flower spike). The inside of the tank is growing fluffy white mold. I'd like to keep it going a while longer, until the pups are big enough to separate, so I need to get rid of this mold problem. any suggestions or advice please? thanks!

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Hi zusya,
I would hose out the well, spray with fungicide (here in Australia i use a product that has mancozeb and sulphur in it do not use anything with copper in it) and lay it on it's side to dry out. You may have to repeat after a week or so. Try to keep the well clean. Hope this works for you!!

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If it was a Neo that has flowered the flower goes to mush, it should just twist out with a couple of turns.


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Holy stuff!! rickta, you were totally right. I twisted it a couple of times and it popped right out. That was quite bizarre!

Thanks also, doleybugs, I sprayed it with a weak solution of Physan, and presto, no more mold.

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