Is this a dyckia?

randg(11)June 2, 2012

I bought it at my local urban garden last year. It was in the pot with a reddish clay soil (not potting soil), and the plant was just sitting on top of it, rootless. I presumably thought it was another one of those ornamental pineapple top that I have before that came off from the fruit.

I repotted it, I think it needs another repot soon, with some difficulties because of the thorns. Those thorns are vicious!

Is this another ornamental pineapple or a dyckia? Or was my first guess correct?

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Looks like a Dyckia to me. Go to and look in the Photo links and see if the Dyckia they show are like yours. You can choose both species and hybrids.

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Could it also be a hechtia, according to Bancherd, a member of DyckiaBrazil forum?

Here is the root structure:

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I did look at the, and my closest comparison is to Dyckia waechteri.

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Your right they are both green but thats about all it was in common with it. Take a look at hechtia or maybe Orthophytum. There are a few Orthophytum that look like it also. Dyckia waechteri would be a rare find in the USA.

Here is a link that might be useful: Orthophytum

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Sometimes when a plant is stressed it makes and ID almost impossible.

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Yes, this plant was stressed. I placed in an area where my garden hose doesn't reach, and so I sometimes forget to water it, and the potting soil was poor.

Are all dyckias have similar flowers? Right now, I think this plant is flowering because on its center is something that is growing and the tip are pinkish. I'll take a picture next time. Identifying this bromeliad as a dyckia is getting further away and more like a ornamental pineapple, me thinks.

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Hi! I know it is a little late-in-the-game to be answering your post. Sorry---but, I just joined and have been reading through folk's posts.

My vote would be that it is a Hechtia. Without seeing the bloom of the plant, though, it is pretty hard to tell for sure. I have many Bromelia, Puya, Hechtia and Deuterocohnia. Quite a few of them were gifts from friends who picked them up for me from neighbors who were thinning out their landscaping! I usually have to wait 2 to 3 years before they bloom, then photograph them so I can ID them accurately.

It is a lovely looking plant--keep an eye on it, look for the location as to where it eventually pups (off-shooting from higher up the trunk within the rosette is a good identifying marker that it is a Hechtia).

Hope this helps a little, anyways! ;-)

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randg: Just read your post about your plant going into bloom.

If it is blooming scarlet with a fuzzy white center. You may have a Bromelia Balansae or Pinguin on your hands. Balansae grows MUCH larger. I have one in bloom right now & its leaves are 4.5' long!!

They are very wicked plants---But that is why I love them! =)

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randg did you ever get a bloom photo?

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