Blooming tillandsia

sdandyJune 25, 2009

This spike had been forming for a long time and I kind of lost track of paying attention to it. I had expected a darker bloom so never looked too closely. Then the other day I realized it was in full bloom already! ID would be awesome, but just wanted to share. I really like the way the leaves stick straight out from the plant.


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Love you plant! I also have a similar-looking tilly and will wait for someone to ID this so I can give mine a tag.
Thanks for sharing.


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Like stanofh's plant in the earlier post; T. shiedeana.

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Hi Guys

Not picking at you Gonzer, Till. schiedeana, note the 'c'.


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Thanks Xuan, I love it with the leaves sticking straight out like that. A neat habit.

And oops, that's embarrassing. Especially so soon after stanofh's posting. Didn't even recognize it from his clump but looking again it is definitely a match. Initially it looks completely different when clumped (and growing to well and full...with much bigger inflorescence!). Thanks for being gentle Gonzer.

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