Extra info about Nidularium Miranda

splinter1804June 10, 2009

Hi everyone,

A short time ago someone posted a message asking for ID for a plant which turned out to be Nidularium Mianda.

I posted the little bit of info. I had at the time, but since then some more has come to light which I thought may be of interest.

The article and pic's below were in the July edition of the Illawarra Bromeliad Society's newsletter "Newslink".

The introduction is by Eileen Killingley our editor, the follow-up text by Nina Rehak herself and the pic's by her husband Jarka.

Nidularium Miranda

Nidularium Miranda (with green pup)

I hope you find this of interest, all the best, Nev.

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Nev - thank you for sharing this information.
Also, many thanks to Eileen, Nina and Jarka for putting the full story together of this wonderful nidularium cultivar. I do grow it, and am pleased to have its history. Very interesting, indeed!


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Thank you very much Nev, great to get the historical info and yes it was us who wanted the id for a friend of ours so will pass this all on. I see Peter waters name mentioned so gather thats how this plant has got around to some of us here in New Zealand

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Thanks for sharing the article with us, there is some great information in your Newslink. I've enjoyed reading a number of your articles over the last couple of years.



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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Nev, same comments as Rick, from another Newslink lurker! Cheers, Paul

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