No idea of the ID, white with red eye inside

fishing_dentistDecember 22, 2010

Hello You all!

I have a problem, to identificate a amaryllis, i did buy last week in the gardenmarket!

Yes i did! I did buy an amaryllis this year. I know i dont wanted to do this and i am bad! :-)

It looks a little like a Jewel in single- version!

Bytheway the stock in the markets is very poor this year. Only common white, red, pink and just this small precious whitie!

Thanks for all the comments, they come and maybe somebody of You have an idea, what it is.

Best regards

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cindeea(FtMyers 10)

WOW I have never seen a throat with red and yellow against fresh white. It sure is pretty, fishing-dentist!

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Hi Frank, Take a look at the posted pictures of Jewel further up on the page...I think that's what you have, many have singles I'm lucky enough to have a double. Is your fragrant...?


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I agree with Donna, my "Jewel" has the same red eye in a greenish yellow throat! Mine is a single as well, I've heard that they bloom single quite a bit, I am noticing the other blooms seem to be semi-double! Is it trumpet shaped?

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Yes it is a really nice trumpet!
Like You see this flower is still going, but the new one has a nice trumpet shape.
I wonder that all the flowers bloom one by one at the stalk!
Thats not common.
I did think, Jewel is normally a double. For that i am a bit confused!
My 2 other bulbs bring only double flowers.
Best regards

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Maybe you do have something different, I wouldn't say that my Jewel is a trumpet, so maybe it isn't Jewel...?


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My "Jewel" is a semi-trumpet, I wonder if this is more prevalent in the singles?

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