OT: More Snow : (

karyn1(7a)February 3, 2010

This is ridiculous. We usually don't get much snow here but this year is anything but average. We had 2' the beginning of the year. 6" last Sat, another 5" last night and the weather service is predicting a major snowfall beginning Fri night and going thru Sat. THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

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PKponder TX(7b)

I know you are hating that snow! Warm jammies and snuggly slippers next to the fireplace is the best place to be! You want my recipe for adult hot chocolate?


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Karyn, hope the snow doesn't cause lots of traffic problems, or keeps everyone trapped indoors. Hang in there, come Spring you will be happy with all that green springing up because of the snow!

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figara(Ca 9)

Hang in there Karyn, the Spring is around the corner.


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haase(10 CA)

I heard that the groundhog yesterday saw his shadow, so there will be 6 more weeks of winter.
The adult hot chocolate and jammies sound good.
Patience, Karyn, patience. It's a thing that folks on the forum have tried to teach me.......


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Frances Coffill(7b)

I am so sorry! Everyone seems to be having 'weather wierdness' this year! But it will soon be over! Spring will be here before you know it (ignore the groundhog, he is usually wrong)

Good evening


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napdognewfie(MD zone 5b)

Karyn, We got 5" too last night. How much are you supposed to get this time??? They say 12-20" or more for here. I still think there is a little bit of our Christmas snow left over.


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I've heard anywhere from 12-25" beginning early Fri : (

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I feel for you,usually we get that kind of snow, we are having bad weather this weekend, think Spring, the jammies
& fireplace sound really good

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Karyn, this is crazy weather, it has rained and rained. We do not go to the coast, because it is under water. We cannot do anything. I have gained at least 15 lbs. I just watch tv, I guess I could clean the house, but oh well! I wish I knew what froze, but I have to wait until March to find out. I have been hitting the Lowes sales on Fridays. buying anything I can to replace the plants I lost. I will go again this Friday, and see what I can get. My small greenhouse is full. Barbra,

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So fridays are sale days? Our weather is not toobad compared to your snow. I am slowly working on a cold frame. for later.I am wishing for a glass green house, I even started to collect old windows,I have some lumber for the frame,But I must have more windows,PATIENCE i know but it sure is hard.

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This is unusual because we normally don't get much snow. Most years we get under 6" total for the season.

Marcie have you looked at the greenhouse forum here? There's some really interesting greenhouses that have been made with salvaged windows and glass doors. You should check Freecycle, Craigslist and your local dump for glass. You can also check if there's any demolition going on nearby. If old houses are being razed you might be able to find all you need in one trip. Doors and wood for framing too.

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Marcie, I just have a plastic little greenhouse, its not too sturdy, but my husband has reinforced it with screws, holding it together, and he has even put straps around it. Friday is not sale day. I am off on most fridays, I go and see if they will sell me plants that have been stressed or froze, I usually get a good deal. I bring them home, cut them back, give them a shot of superthrive. I have lost some, but most are coming back from the roots. Last week 5 gallon crepe myrtles were $1 each, they only had red, not my favorite color, but I still boutht 8 of them. I can always take the extras to the plant swap, if I get to go. This has really been great, having someing to do during this nasty weather. I check on these plants, my brugmansia cutting and planted seeds every morning before I go to work, and then again when I get home, it gives me something to look forward to. Barbra

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Well if it doesn't snow the grocery stores sure did a killing. I had to pick up a few things so I went at 6am and they were already busy! You can't even get in a grocery store parking lot now. Listening to the news you'd think the end of the world was coming. lol

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haase(10 CA)

The snowstorm you are expecting, well I guess we're trying to copy you, because we are expecting another strong rain storm Friday/Saturday. Like we need it!!!


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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Karyn, that is an amazing amount of snow for your area.

Oh so glad we moved from Northern Virginia to Texas when we retired in '08. We had a loooonnng driveway that seemed to get even longer when it snowed.

It is raining so hard here, I can hardly see out the windows. We had a two year drought and now it won't stop raining.

Marcie, Lowe's clearance table is the best thing going. If the plant vendor is around, you can even ask for more off by offering to take all of a certain plant. Last January I got 8 flats of pansies for $5. That's about 200 pansies. Keep checking and you can get $30 trees for $8 or $20 hanging baskets for $1. A trim, some water, fertilizer and a little patience is all they need to look good again.

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Marcie, its just like rock oak deer said, you have to buy them all. I ended up with 8 of the crape myrtles, and I also had to buy 10 oleander to get them for $1 each. They were all froze, and I cut them back to where it was still green , and just keep my fingers crossed.
Karyn, I just checked the 10 day forcast for Rockport, next week it will rain Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and that is where it stopped. It's so depressing, everything is under water. My plumeria have just rotted, the grass is sick from just sitting in water day after day. I would much rather have a view of snow to look at than what we have. There is one silver lining, and that is the moles are drowing. Barbra

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