Round 2 with Tillies (T. Seleriana Help)

thelittlepiglet(9)June 30, 2014

After the original tilly tragedy ( my crazy dog ate it), I am back on the horse and surprisingly back in Home Depot. Even though they do a poor job of caring for the indoor plant section at our local store, I decided to buy this Tiilly because it wasn't sitting in a pool of water like the last one(it was hanging on a tree:), and it was from Rainforest Flora which I have heard great things about. My issue is that I can't find specific care instructions for this new Seleriana! I do lots of online homework whenever buying new things in general, but the information on this specific Tillandsia is almost completely non existent on the internet. The only thing I have found is that it is from Mexico! THAT'S IT! Maybe I'm just overthinking it lol, but I would like to know more! If someone has more information on the Seleriana please respond! I would like to also know if anyone has grown this plant indoors, or would it be better off outside in the California sun?

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You'll find this to be the case with most tillandsias. Frankly there's just too much to cover, over 500 species plus who knows how many hybrids distributed from the the bottom of South America to the southern regions of North America. What usually is readily available is the horticultural profile for these plants. and are great resources. Find out where they like to live naturally and do a little research about that local climate and geography.

The other big thing to pay attention to are some of the physical attributes. Usually heavily trichomed tillandsias appreciate dryer conditions. Check out t. tectorum for an extreme example. Color can be a good indicator too, I've noticed the lighter, lime green species do better with more sun, but in my area even the summer sun isn't strong enough to do damage to the darker green species I grow outside. There's always exceptions to these observations but it can get you started in the right direction.

I kept a seleriana for a while and did pretty good with it (eventually gifted it to a friend). It was kept outside when the weather here permits and got about a half day's worth of sun. It's humid enough here that I only gave it a dunk when fertilizing (twice a month). It might be different for you depending on what climate you're in, but I've found them to be a pretty easy grower. Good luck!

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The best I've seen have been grown with eastern exposure.

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Woohoo thank you for the great information! I will check out the hort profile on Seleriana ASAP. The summers here in Bakersfield, CA get extremely hot (today our thermometer reached 111 fahrenheit ): so I may want to keep it inside or shaded for now. Thank you again!

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Perfect I have the plant in an eastern window right now, so we will see how it goes! Thanks!

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