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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)June 26, 2014

Have grown Broms for many years , and in my zone they are generally very easy until recently.
Something is tearing out the centers mostly concentrating on the flowers . Doesn't eat them nor carry them off just shredded and left near the plant.
What the heck is doing this and more importantly how can I stop it?? Happens at night no other species of plants are affected . Any ideas?? Thanks gary

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Racoons most probably. They love to munch on the inflorescence of Neo's.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Have had raccoons before but usually go after water garden. Was thinking possum as I've seen one recently. Odd that they just destroy it without eating and only broms .only at night. Have lots of cats but doubt they would do it.
They usually terroize the goldfish lol Whatever it's gotta go !!! Thanks gary

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I am with gonz....racoons. I have a lot of possums here and they never bother the broms. Racoons bothered me once when they cleared a large wooded area and destroyed their homes. I got some Puma scent and that convinced them to move on.
Hey gonz I finally found those large funckiana

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Hi everyone

garyfla - I live in Australia and we don't have racoons here, but we do occasionally get the same problem.

The culprits in our case are usually bush rats.

I have also known of the common rat to eat the centre out of Neoregelias when they have seed capsules in them as well. They just seem to rip out the seed capsules and leave them scattered around the leaves of the plant or on the bench nearby.

All the best, Nev.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I kind of suspect rats also though some of these are over 20 years old and never had a problem . I live in the inner city so avoid most of the larger wild life . Rats love the inner city lol
Do have possums ,cats ,stay dogs,squirrels and occasional stray kids but they usually go after the watergarden
Also recently noticed some iguanas which are herbivoros lizards not sure of their feeding habits
whatever it's getting past my neighbors big dogs .
Going to put out some motion sensor lights may not help but at least they won't be dining in the dark?? lol Thanks gary

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