Gervase evergreen?

hippifan(8)December 8, 2011

I've a question. Can I ceep for example hippeastrum Gervase as an evergreen? My one is in dormancy, so has no leaves at the moment, but I would like to keep him evergreen. How can you see if a bulb is evergreen? Or can you keep every bulb you like as evergreen?

Many questions, but I look forward to the answers!

Thank you.

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It is my understand that you can keep just about any hippie bulb as an evergreen. I have several that always hold on the 2/3 leaves every winter but, Gervase isn't one of them. But, I don't see why you can't try..I'm sure others will have thoughts also...


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My 'Gervase' will not seem to go dormant, it's a huge bulb that keeps shooting leaves constantly! Just continue to water it through the winter, you need to use less water than summer tho.

It may have its leaves but it will usually halt growing during the cold months, this is called "semi-dormant".

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"Gervase" is the biggest bulb from my first consignment ever - from RC. I am still amazed, it has a circumference of 36 cm.It is fair to assume that "Gervase" is as much of an evergreen, as are the other TETs with big flowers. The better the care is, the longer the leaves will live. Sufficient light is important.

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