Brom ID help request

bomgJune 3, 2010

Hi everyone,

I need your help again in identifying these bromeliads. I got them a few days ago. The first one is a small plant probably 3-4 inches tall. It has a Tillandsia tricolor look but the leaves are short and light green in color. The second picture says Tillandsia streptophylla in the tag but it doesn't look like one. The leaves are short and fat. The fourth picture says Orthophytum blaze in the tag but a quick search at the net showed not so similar photos. Thanks again in advance.

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The second plant is definitely streptophylla, hard to guess on the first. How about some different photos?

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First one looks like Aechmea recurvata v. benrathii (although I have three very distinct plants labeled as such...but all are small like your plant).

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Hi Gonzer,

I will post a different picture of the first plant soon. Thanks for the ID. It used to look different from my other streptophyllas but now that you have spoken I could see the similarities :-) Does it come in various forms?

Hi Andy,

I've read somewhere that Aechmea recurvata has spines. This one is spineless.



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