I love me Broms

bromaloonieJune 14, 2009

I just love these guys

They make me smile when im not feeling great

When I go out to water them, it takes me to another place.

I so wish I could show some of the colour that I see when they have been watered in the right lighting. I cannot capture the glow on camera ( you all probably know what I mean)

Ive recently had a sale from home with a sign out on the highway. I did not have the roaring trade I desired but the comments that I got about these bromeliads was very encouraging.

I had customers running back to their cars for their cameras.

I had a profesional photographer wishing she had her camera that day with her.

I had a great time showing them off....lol

I love me broms











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Absolutely gorgeous, Bromaloonie!! Beautifully grown, displayed and photographed. I get the glow, you made my Sunday morning and I wish you could see my smile!

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Hi Bromaloonie, It's so nice to see your pictures again! I think you have the most beautiful pictures on here so I am always excited to see them. I have been collecting a few more myself and recently ordered a few from Michaels. And they are so pretty of course I find myself wanting more. I did get a few that I have seen in your pictures such as Lila and Purplestar. I also got Treasure chest, Las Vegas, Hula Lady and Hawaiian Rainforest. I was wondering if you could identify a few from your pictures today?

1. 1st picture,the light colored one in the center of bottom row.
2. Big one in picture #5
3. Picture 8, bottom

I am always writing down the names of the ones I love so I can see if I can find them.

Thanks again for posting your LOVELY pictures!

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Hi bromaloonie,

Beautiful plants and pic's as usual. I wish I had heaps of money and had been able to get to your sale .......but then on the other hand where would I have put them all?

Keep 'em coming, all the best, Nev.

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What nice comments, thankyou. You know its only the conditions that I live in that makes them grow like that....lol....I dont think it has alot to do with me at all.

I noticed after I posted the opening words that it all looked very MeMeMe I I I. I hope it did not come accross as big noting myself.

Linda, you will be very rewarded with Lila and Purple star, two of my faves also....along with many many others, like the ones you just pointed out...LOL

The first one you asked after is Kay Jay.....an absolute must for all collections, just gorgeous
The big one is another Fave...Johannis De Rolfe....yummmmyummmmm hes in centerstage right now at the head of the brom house.
And the last one...I have to go run outside to see the tag on that one to be sure....hang on ....BRB
Concentrica, Albo marginata. I think that should be fairly easy for you to find.

Hey Nev,lol...I realised after reading that , that I forgot to send you pics of the broms in sale.So Sorry.Email coming your way asap.

Here are a couple of pics that I had also loaded to show last night.
This is a little section at our front veranda I puled the nasty looking garden out that was there and then put down some nice stones then placed some sun hardy broms there. They get all morning till 12.00 pure sun, but its winter sun and there has only been a tad of bleaching while they get used to the new rays.

This is the entrance of the brom house with the new shadecloth veranda in place with some bluegum poles from the property. Makes a very nice effect.Nev the broms all in the enrance undercover is all the brompups for sale. Thats not a clear view of course but a little peek.lol

Paul, here is our experiment pieces side by side doing their stuff....lol....dont they look lovely together...heheeee
They are in that last picture also to the left of the walkway, they see morning sun and midday sun

This is a show stand in the center of the brom house in the green section. I put all the Tim Plowmans in the one pot for a nicer effect.Jennie, there is the latest one I got from you, that stripey black and grey chantinni. Its soooo nice. I love it.

And as you can probaly make out there , is my very first Grub....lol....as Ive seen Kerry call it....LOL

And a guzzy, which the name fails to make sense on the tip of my tounge.lol

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Bromaloonie..... there's plenty of WOW factor in your collection and your photos do it plenty of justice. What a fantastic collection you have.
Can I ask where in Queensland your located?

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Hey there Matt, thanks for your compliments.
I live up in the Northern end of the Atherton Tablelands, in a little town called Julatten just west of Port Douglas , North of Cairns ,up in the hills.

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I always love seeing your plants, you definitely have the knack for growing lovely broms.

Is the large Neo in your first photo above GeeWhiz?



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They certainly get to a bigger size up there. I also think the colour is more intense.

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bromeliaddict(z6 MI)

I absolutely love the colors and the wonderful conformation of growth on your broms! Really AWESOME!!!


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Just the tonic we needed its been a very wet and cold winter so far here in NZ so your pics are a joy !! Your broms just get better and better B loonie!! supper jellous of your growing conditions and the results. love all your stacked multilayered leafed Neo's and see some Vriesea's appearing in the mix also. I dont see a Vr Gigantea var seildeliana amoung the pics, do you have one?? Im sure this plant would do very well for you.

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Bromaloonie, always nice to look at your pictures of your plants!

And about: "I hope it did not come accross as big noting myself". If you grow them that nice, be proud about it and flaunt it!!!

Your Neo Bailey's Choice is the nicest one I ever saw - in real life or on a picture!

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Good golly Avane...lol...which one are you regarding as Bailey's choice?
I dont have one called that, can you please tell me which pic and which brom? That would very interesting to know.I have many unnamed broms sadly enough , so it would be wonderful to get to know some of them a bit more personaly rather then just dribbling on them all the time...LOL

Gosh Jaga,Nice of you to say so, that they are getting better....lol...Ive noticed this also with this shadehouse and living here (been here almost 2 years) and Ive seen alot of changes and I too see them getting better and better, so obviously all about location location.
Yup Yup Vriesias are sneeking in more and more. Im loving them mainly for the squigly patterned foliage...and everynow and then you get a nice flower spike pop up amoungst the crowd...so rather rewarding I must say.
Oh Oh Oh and yes I do have Vr Gigantea var seildeliana....but mine dont have the 'var' in the name on the tag. They are three tiny little seedlings I bought a year ago and have not grown even one centemetre...lol...maybe they would appreciate a new pot.

Yes Rick, I do think it is a Gee Whiz. I just went out to look at his tag as there was a possibility it was called WaHa. But the tag is gone? Ive just planted him out in a garden 2 weeks ago and i seem to have lost the tag....booger

Thanks everyone for your comments.I will try to keep some different views comming sometimes, but I just cant get my eyes past the coloured up well formed Neos. Thats when I run for my camera again.

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Picture #6, sitting centre stage between DeRolf and kautskyi!

Here's what mine looked some time ago. But in stead of developing in a bigger, better looking plant, it did not turn out very nice. Had some deformed leaves. But it did get some very nice colour when it flowered! The first pup also came out all twisted, but there are 2 small pups on it now that looks like they are going to be well!

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Ahhhhhh, that one is actually tagged Skotack Hybrid. I have 3 of them and all from different places and all with the same name of Skotack hybrid.
I actually got a new shot of mine this morning.
I love it.
Yours has a very nice pink tinge. I like that one too.

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Germaine - just catching up. So many beautifully grown, beautiful plants. Great arrangements. Great pics. Just such a pleasure to look through - as always!

Great to see your orlandiana experiment going strong. I'll take a pic of my half of it and post it on the weekend.

I just wish I had your winter! In that first pic in the second lot - the one with the plants in the new bed next to the cane chairs - is that Ae. JC Superstar towards the left hand end? The one that is still a nice hot pink underneath? My JC gets full morning sun right through - and it still goes a slightly pink oatmealy colour after the first few cold nights in a row in May. Or maybe it's the day temps not getting hot enough down here in mid-winter? But if I put it in a more sheltered spot that heats up in the sun, it doesn't seem to get strong enough light. Hmmmm. Maybe I just have to make do with intense colour for 8 months of the year.

Ah well, just love to see some more pics anytime you get the chance. Cheers, Paul

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gailqld(Gympie, SE Qld)

You have some beautiful broms there... they deserve to have more photos taken of them ;)

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