Mosaic pattern on scape

kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)December 4, 2011

This just looks a little suspicious to me. On Apple Blosson from HD. Thoughts?

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I couldn't say for sure but, it does look suspicious. Are there still flowers on the stalk or has the scape already started to decay? In any case, guess you'll probably have to move it into quarantine with "the others". I hope it's not your Apple Blossom with the "fancy stigma" that caused such an uproar last year....;-)


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

No...this is a new AB...bought in a bag from HD....!
I had forgotten about THAT "uproar". There have been so Queen of Hearts that "wasn't", etc.

Cold front moving through today. Temps have dropped nearly 10 degrees in last hour. I "inventoried" my GH yesterday, noting the location (by shelf number) of each hybrid. Didn't really take that long and will help me keep tabs on the more "precious" ones. Also put flags (on bamboo skewers) on the ones that looked like they need to have a little more attention this winter. Great fun. But...I am definitely outgrowing this little 6x6 GH. ARG! Looks like 2012 is the year for the real deal!


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Well, I hope you DO get the real deal in 2012! Then you can keep the one you use now for the quarantine station..I'm sure we'll all be adding to "that" collection this year. Of the 23 bulbs that I acquired this season,(so far) I don't doubt that a few of them will show the signs of virus...I don't worry so much about mislabels anymore though...

I just can't believe the size of some of the buds that are popping out of some of these new super-sized bulbs this newly purchased Nymph has a bud that is 1 +3/4'wide and some others look to be just as large!! I still think they did something very different this year with the cultivation of these if they are healthy, what a year this will be!!!


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I love Nymph. I think I have Sweet, Red, Pink, and "normal". I think I saw a "White Nymph" without the red lines of the regular Nymph. That is still one of my favorite looks like a wedding bouquet! All 4 blooms opened at once. It was PERFECTION!

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