5 KG Hybrid Aloes (picture heavy)

hanzrobo(11)February 7, 2013

Hello friends!

I ordered these last week from Kelly and Allen and they arrived this morning. They all have nice roots and are in great condition. One even has a pup already!
I cleaned the roots up a bit, removing finer roots. I think it makes for better planting, more open for the soil to fill in. After each was cleaned I took some photos. I tried to get a close-up, a shade photo and a sun photo of each for comparison. Enjoy!

Aloe 'Viper'

Aloe 'Starfire'

Aloe 'Lavender Star'

Aloe 'Coral Fire'

Aloe 'Sunset'

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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

Woo! They're beautiful, and thank you for that show of such lovely, considerately taken photos.

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Laura Robichaud

Beautiful! Here I used to think aloes were just boring plants!!

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Wow, those are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!


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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

OooEee, great pix of fabulous plants, Ryan! Lucky you! I have two of those pictured (Viper & Coral Fire). And he got a bonus pup! Yay!

I love Kelly's toothed & colorful hybrids! Hope to have many more of them in the future. I bought what was tagged as 'Sunset' at a show last year. Turns out it was really 'Sunrise'. I'm still happy!

I might see Kelly G. at the C&S show this Saturday. I would imagine he'll be there, as I understand he is now President of the SDCSS. Hope to see Jordi & Mark, too, maybe some other friends I haven't seen for a while. Expecting rain, so please hope for light sprinkles for us! I really don't want to carry an umbrella to cover my cartjumpers!

Oops! I digress! Sorry!

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Oh how I wish I was going to the show with you. I'm stuck here in Pa. with a snow storm coming. Please take along your camera.

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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

Sneak me in in your pocket, Rosemarie, and I'll pick up the Gasteria! I'll earn my keep, I promise!

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Thanks, everybody! I hope these photos are helpful to people who may be looking for ID's in the future.

RoRo, I wish I was going with you too. I would do it if I hadn't already used my getaway pass last Saturday, as you know, to go see a certain someone in Vista.

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Ryan good idea for down-the-road IDs on these beauties! You're a great future-thinking guy! =) And, yes, too bad you already used your pass last weekend, but if I were you I'D GO to the certain someone's place if I had the chance! Maybe you can make the next one (June?)!

Stush, I realize you don't know me well, but I never go ANYwhere without my camera (if bare bones, at least my cell ph). I will soon have a hip holster for my big guns camera! If it's raining & part of it is outdoors, not so many pix.

Colleen, I'd be happy to take you along (I forget~did we figure if cell ph text messaging would work?) Gasteria...right!

If there are any Kelly Griffin Aloes for sale that I don't already have...& don't require the cost of an arm & a leg...they'll be cartjumpers for sure! Most of the ones I WANT...are in the SHOW, though, not for sale. :(

Some of my Kelly Griffin Aloes:
(click for larger view)

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I have one..so they are trickling down to the great unwashed.
I like the one you have with the long stem in particular. Any idea if it is a clumper like A.arborescens? or that type?

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Wow those are some amazing plants !!! I've never seen some of those,gorgeous colors and shapes.

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Thanks guys, and thank you Ro for adding your photos! I think I have 'Christmas Carol' too but not confirmed.

Stan, good to hear from you:) 'Sunset' does seem like it will grow that way. On the website it says the plant is "the result of a complex cross including Aloe divaricata and Aloe intermedia (reynolds) and others." It'll be interesting to see how it grows.

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